How to Recreate Typical NYC Dishes at Home

Typical NYC Dishes

Want to know how to cook typical NYC dishes at home? You’ve reached the right place. New York City is a mixing pot of different cultures and customs. One thing is for sure is that in New York City, you can find food to satisfy your taste buds at any moment of the day. Whether you have traveled to New York City, or are eager to visit, you can create these iconic dishes right in your own home

Recreating Typical NYC Dishes at Home

Read over a few of these recipes and take yourself on a culinary journey to the Big Apple. Have a look at BravoDeal for a great Hello Fresh coupon to save on a meal kit made from the freshest ingredients for a delicious New York meal.

Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup

On a cold winter’s day, the best thing to warm your soul is a cup of Manhattan clam chowder. This soup has some controversy behind it. Either you love it or you hate it. What makes this chowder different from the others is the fact that it is made with tomatoes. 

The story goes that it is an Italian-American invention, hence the fact that it cannot be made without those acidic but sweet tomatoes! You don’t need to make a reservation at the famous Delmonico’s restaurant, you can whip up this delicious soup in an hour’s time

This hearty soup is made of fresh vegetables including green pepper and potato, in a homemade broth of onion, garlic, celery, carrots, and spices. Once you’ve boiled-to-open up the clams, saute the vegetables and spices, put everything back in the pot, and let it simmer until all ingredients are cooked and tender. 

Check out how Martha Stewart makes her Manhattan Clam Chowder:

Make Yourself a Hamburger

It’s probably among the top 3 most popular NYC dishes of all time. When you’re looking for a good old-fashioned meal, hamburgers should be on the top of your list. You can really put anything on a hamburger, or “hamburg” as New Yorkers call them, making them an easy meal to make at home. 

Whether you go gourmet and dress up your burger with fancy cheeses and homemade sauces, or keep it classic with cheddar cheese, a crunchy dill pickle, and ketchup, it is sure to be delicious. Fire up the grill and prepare the toppings of your choice, and don’t forget the side of fries. 

New York Pizza

Just like hamburgers, pizza is a must eat when you talk about New York City. Every district has its own style, from thin crust to thick, pizza slices or square cut, wood oven or electric. These choices make all the difference in the taste, texture, and appearance of the pizza. 

When you’re making pizzas at home and you can’t all decide on the toppings, try out personal pizzas so everyone can have exactly what they want. You can keep it traditional with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, or take it to the next level with toppings like prosciutto, artichokes, and caramelized red onions. 

NYC DishesThe Famous New York Cheesecake

This next iconic dish has the famous city in its name: New York cheesecake. Sure, cheesecake can be found in most restaurants on the dessert menu, and even pre-made at the grocery store, but nothing compares to the creamy cheesecake that you find in New York. 

The trick to making a Junior’s style New York cheesecake is all in the cream cheese. Other versions of cheesecake are made with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, however, only cream cheese can create that utterly creamy and airy texture of the New York cheesecake. This dessert only requires a few ingredients but may call for a bit more experience (than other New York dishes) in the kitchen to get the exact texture down right. 

Be adventurous in your kitchen and recreate your own favorite NYC dishes at home! 

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