How To Buy The Right Sushi Chopsticks: A Guide With Flavor

eating sushi with chopsticks

Do you eat your sushi with chopsticks? I do, and I love it. Chopsticks are believed to be a necessary and ancient utensil in many regions of Asia, especially China, Japan, and Korea.

But, the love for them is not limited to these regions anymore. It has spread throughout the world and is now considered a symbol of grace and elegance. 

Whether it is America or England, you will easily find people buying chopsticks either for home or their Asian cuisines restaurant. 

When it comes to sushi, chopsticks are the only utensil that can be used to eat it as they provide dynamic functions in comparison with spoons or forks. 

Eating Sushi with Chopsticks, the Right Way

They can be used for cutting, stirring, and eating. There are plenty of more uses according to Fox news. And if that is not enough, Chopsticks come with the additional perk of being easy to clean. 

But, no matter how simple they look, it is actually not so easy to select the right type of sushi chopstick from so many options out there in the market. 

As chopsticks are highly manufactured based on styles of different cultures, there are various categories of them in the market.

Each type gives a different functioning level, therefore you have to know which type you will need, so you can enjoy your Sushi with chopsticks. And for this, you will have to know the basic details about each type and certain factors that go into purchasing good sushi chopsticks

sushi with chopsticks
It’s great to eat sushi with chopsticks, but they can also be used for cutting, stirring, and eating so many other foods.

The Right Type of Chopstick

There are chopsticks of different materials, wood, bamboo, and plastic. Wood is typically the best kind among all the chopsticks as it offers low thermal conductivity -making it easier to hold onto them while eating hot food. 

Then there come plastic ones that are probably the cheapest among all but do not offer great quality. Because of their slipperiness, it is usually not easy to hold them as they keep slipping out of the hands. 

And since plastic melts at a hot temperature, these chopsticks start degrading when used frequently for eating hot meals. Due to the heat, plastic chopsticks also release harmful substances that accumulate in the food. 

In the last, come bamboo chopsticks that are a decent option with their eco-friendly make and affordable prices. 

Things to avoid

The one thing that should be avoided at any cost is buying colored chopsticks. There are certain elements in paint, such as lead, that are harmful to humans. 

So eating with colored chopsticks can be harmful to our health and thus are a bad option. 

Reusable vs Disposable Chopsticks

Usually, disposable chopsticks are found in restaurants while reusable are normally found at home for domestic use. But, it should not always be the case and one must be careful about when to buy reusable ones.

Those chopsticks are only good when they come with the label of dishwasher safe as these are the ones that can be reused by washing again and again without getting damaged. 

The shape of the chopsticks

The shape is highly important because it decides how effectively you can hold the food. The rice is usually better held by pointed chopsticks while other meaty and food like sushi are better held by blunted chopsticks with round/squared ends.  

I hope this short guide will enhance your enjoyment of eating sushi with chopsticks.

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