What Will Be The Kitchen Design Trends For 2023?

Kitchen Design Trends For 2023
Photo by Teodor Skrebnev on Unsplash.com

No modern-day person would argue with the fact that investing in a kitchen can be invaluable to both your home and its resale value. In the past, we reviewed a few lovely kitchen decor ideas, but in this post, we’ll be looking into the latest kitchen design trends that will be trending this coming year, so you can make the right choice for your kitchen style.

Smart compact design

Whether it’s a narrow, boxy or uneven kitchen layout, the premium compact design comes to the rescue. More and more homeowners are choosing to capitalize on every meter of living space and increase the efficiency of the allocated space. Therefore, compactness is a modern solution in design.

Don’t be afraid to add a kitchen island or breakfast bar. If the allocated space does not allow you to place the object, try to make it compact and oversized so that this interior detail does not restrict movement in the kitchen. 

Choosing an open or movable island will keep all kitchen areas accessible and provide additional seating options. Under the tabletop of the island, you can place drawers for storing things and kitchen utensils (for example, for a kitchen knife set ).

Kitchen Design Trends
Smart compact design. Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash.com


In the kitchens of the future, hoods will have a new look. There is a shift towards downdraft exhaust systems. Such devices remove odors and vapors right at the source, that is, directly from the stove, and direct them downwards before they have time to penetrate the air.

This is especially important in kitchens in open-plan living spaces, where a tall hood over an island can create a visual barrier and spoil the décor of the entire space. The cooker hood integrated into the hob gives more creative design options and reflects the trend toward a minimalist professional style.

Smart storage boxes

While we strive to eliminate clutter for our common well-being, well-known home tidying expert Marie Kondo makes storage boxes a key element. This is especially true in the kitchen, where we need so many things, from ingredients to kitchen equipment (such as stainless steel cookware sets or a cast iron dutch oven) and other utensils. 

Well-placed and built-in storage drawers add a sophisticated look to your kitchen. It is worth noting that one of the most desired design features today will also be the kitchen pantry.

“Dining Islands”

We all know that islands and breakfast bars can be a place for everyday dining, work, and storage. But American artist Paul Jenkinson says the trend is taking it to a whole new level. 

“In these configurations, the kitchen island practically has another dining area. This means you can not only store your dishes on the island but also add an integrated dining area. When we invite guests, to relax or enjoy new recipes, we want to combine cooking and socializing. What could be better for this purpose than built-in island seats.”

Built-in appliances

While there will be plenty of new gadgets and kitchen utensils in our kitchens in 2023, we don’t have to see them.

“The trend to hide appliances is expected to become more and more popular,” says Ben Burbidge. “Homeowners are becoming more aware when they examine the aesthetics of the appliances they bring into their kitchens. So built-in appliances that create a streamlined finish without sacrificing style are key.”

How to put so much equipment in the kitchen, hiding it from the eyes of the tenants? Ben advises: “You can hide household appliances, such as a refrigerator or a dishwasher, with the help of simple cabinets.

The special design of the storage boxes will help free up the countertop. A hidden station that keeps the kettle and toaster from cluttering up the countertop will be popular. It helps create a dedicated area where you can sit and enjoy your breakfast.”