Eat Clean with Plant Based Ice Cream

eat Plant Based Ice Cream

With the increasing presence of plant based ice cream, many people are encouraged to eat clean. Plant-based ice creams are not just great sources of energy but are also made of ingredients that are not animal products. 

If you are curious about plant-based ice cream and are wondering if this can help you achieve your goal of eating clean, you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about plant based ice cream and the impact it would have on your body as well as the world around you.

What Is Plant Based Ice Cream?

As its name suggests, plant based ice cream is made using alternatives that replace the animal products used in the majority of regular ice creams. Here are some examples of plant-based ingredients used to replace the animal based ones in the traditional pint of ice cream.

  • Almond Milk: this plant-based milk is known for its mono-saturated fat content that is reputed to assist in weight loss. Almond and cashew milk adds to the thick and creamy texture of the ice cream.
  • Soy Milk: this alternative has the power to boost your immunity, going as far as even strengthening your bones. Soy milk can be found easily in almost every supermarket, and also gives the ice cream a terrifically fluffy texture.  
  • Coconut Milk: ice cream made using a coconut milk base has an incredibly velvety texture. The high-fat saturation levels within this ingredient ensure that it is able to hold great flavors effectively. 

As you can see, plant based ice cream can be made conveniently using a mix of regular plants that have been processed together. The point of plant-based ice creams is to eat in a cleaner and greener way, which is better for your environment as well as your personal health. 

Plant Based Ice Cream
Plant based ice cream is made using alternatives that replace the animal products used in the majority of regular ice creams.

Taste and Texture

Many people wonder if eating clean means eating tasteless ice creams that have a bad quality of texture. The answer is ‘no’. Plant-based ice creams have been designed using alternatives that are more than capable of retaining, and some say even improving, the way ice cream tastes and feels in the mouth. 

Replacing cow milk with a crafty mix of ingredients such as coconut cream mixed with cashew nut milk has proved to be a stroke of genius. Not only has this combination achieved a richness in the flavor of the ice cream, but the fat content within the ingredients has ensured that the texture is delightfully smooth and creamy.

Nutritional Value of Plant-Based Ice Creams

As has been established previously, most dairy-free ice creams are known to have high levels of calories due to their high fat and protein levels. Research has shown that ice cream tastes better when there is a high protein and fat content within it. 

It is vital to keep in mind that though plant-based ice creams are a cleaner choice in dessert, it doesn’t mean that you can eat them without any restraint. However, as this kind of ice cream has a higher fat content, it is best that you consume it with better prudence, and more sparingly.  


It is not hard to see that the introduction of plant based ice cream has revolutionized the dessert eating experience. People have been impressed with the amazing taste and texture of the plant-based ice cream options available in the market, saying that it tastes quite similar to regular ice cream. 

With the growing consciousness of not just what they eat but where things come from, by eating clean people are acting with greater responsibility to themselves and the world at large- one dessert spoon at a time. 

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