Heritage Kulfi: MUST-Try South Asian Ice Cream Desserts

Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream
Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream. Courtesy of Heritage Kulfi

Looking for a unique and delicious Ice Cream experience for the holidays? We tried Heritage Kulfi, a modern NJ-based spin on the famous South Asian frozen dairy dessert, and you should try it too!

Haven’t heard of Kulfi? Well, it’s a very popular frozen dairy dessert, known as the traditional Indian ice cream, which originated back in the 16th century and has been eaten across Asia for hundreds of years (!). Read more about its history here.

Heritage Kulfi South Asian Ice Cream Desserts
Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream. Courtesy of Heritage Kulfi

“Growing up in a South Asian household, these were the flavors that made up my childhood,” says Mansoor Ahmed, founder and CEO of Heritage Kulfi, a family-owned business based in Princeton, NJ. These guys took a cool spin on the famous Kulfi, as they combined the freshest milk and cream from locally sourced farms with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

Mansoor Ahmed is a proud New Yorker, who was born here in Manhattan to Pakistani parents that immigrated from South Asia. As he moved to Princeton, New Jersey, Ahmed found his traditional roots in the local Asian community. It was there and then that he was inspired to create Heritage Kulfi.

Heritage Kulfi
Mansoor Ahmed. Courtesy of Heritage Kulfi

“Kulfi has been a staple in my holiday celebrations my whole life. It’s not only a delicious dessert – it’s beautiful too, which is great for presentation.”, says Ahmed. Heritage Kulfi is now bringing this delicious and authentic South Asian treat to selected resellers all across America.

Why do we love this unique South Asian Ice Cream so much? Well, for a few reasons. First, the incredible story behind it and how it’s been so popular for hundreds of years. Secondly, Heritage Kulfi uses a proprietary slow-cooking technique that produces ice cream with a really special creamy texture. Plus – everything is vegetarian, egg-free, gluten-free, and halal. 

Thirdly, the flavors! We love the South-Asian-inspired tastes of the eight captivating flavors that include: Pistachio, Rosewater, Cardamom Chai, Coconut, Earl Grey, Saffron, Vanilla Bean, and Alphonso Mango. Our top favorites were the Cardamon Chai and Saffron. 

Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream Desserts
The eight delicious flavors. Courtesy of Heritage Kulfi

It doesn’t end there though. We also love the big-sized portions that Heritage Kulfi offer, 16 ounces per pint! Compare that to most other brands that have been cutting down their pints to 14 ounces. 

Heritage Kulfi only started out in 2022 and already gained remarkable popularity. They are now available in lots of natural markets, specialty and gourmet stores, and many more. In New York, you can find them at:

  • Lincoln Market locations – Brooklyn
  • Westside Market NYC – New York City
  • Key Food Supermarkets – Astoria
  • Patel Brothers – Hicksville
  • House of Spice – Selden

They will also be available soon in all Citarella locations in New York, which can be found all over NYC and the Hamptons.

For the complete list of locations where you can find Heritage Kulfi – visit heritagekulfi.com/connect.