Wafels & Dinges Add Chicken & waffles To Their Dinges

(credit: Wafels & Dinges)
(credit: Wafels & Dinges)

Let’s play a little word association game. When we say waffles, you say ______. Put your answers in the comments below to fill in the blank.

There are many words that can fill in the blank, but if you’re in NYC, that blank is usually filled with “dinges”(stuff).

Another great way to fill in the blank is with “chicken”. Chicken & waffles is very popular in our house, and many other houses across the US.

Yesterday, Wafels & Dinges finally gave in to customers’ requests, and started serving chicken & waffles.

But you can’t get it at every W&D outlet, so click through to find out where you can.

Thomas DeGeest, owner and founder of W&D tweeted yesterday: “Since we started in 2007, so many fans have asked us, so many times we have resisted and refused… But finally, today, we are launching it: Chicken ‘n Gravy Wafel Sliders”.

Since there are so many W&D outlets at this point, we asked him if every one hadChicken & waffles Sliders.

For now, it’s only available at the two Wafels & Dinges trucks & their East Village cafe. You cannot currently get it at the carts, but that may change in the future.

The @waffeltruck is in our West Village neighborhood every Saturday night. Maybe we’ll try one then, if not before. We looove cream gravy!

W&D @ Christopher & 7th Sat nites (credit: NYSF)