While I love street meat, every once in a while I need a change.  Therefore, Today’s Lunch is a quiche lorraine from the Street Sweets truck.  It’s not vegetarian, but it’s not a meat dish either.  It’s dairy with a little meat, and definitely lighter than my usual lunch.

I’ve been wanting to try Street Sweets for some time, but don’t usually eat dessert with lunch, although on occasion, I have eaten dessert for lunch.

quiche used

The quiche lorraine ($6) from Street Sweets had a nice thick buttery crust on the outside, as well as a thin crust on the bottom.  Crust is one of the best things about eating pie-like substances (pot pies, quiches, actual pies), and this one was buttery and tasty.

The inside of the quiche had a light, creamy filling, and there were plenty of pieces of ham.  Not sliced ham, but square chunks, like from a baked ham.  When I first cut the quiche in half to take the picture below, it looked like the ham might be lacking, but once I started eating, there was plenty of ham.  It’s just hiding at the edges in the picture below.

The quiche did not have much of a Swiss cheese taste.  I would have liked it a little cheesier, but that’s just my personal preference because  I love cheese!

Today’s Lunch was a refreshing change from the heavy street meat over rice meals I usually have.  This was a very nice quiche, and as a bonus, I won’t walk around stuffed all afternoon (although it’s not exactly low on the calorie and cholesterol scale).

quiche open