I’m certainly glad for Twitter, because otherwise I would not have found out about Bistro Truck’s new menu item – merguez sausage tacos.  I don’t work anywhere near 5th Ave and 16th St, but it’s usually worth a trip downtown for Yassir’s food.

The truck was a lot busier than last time I was there – that’s what a Vendy Award nomination will do for you.  It’s not easy dealing with increased crowds – although it’s a problem most food vendors would gladly take.

So how was Today’s Lunch, merguez tacos ($7)?  Click through to find out.


There were 2 tacos in the lunch, and in each taco were a merguez sausage, salad greens, a little grilled onion and harissa sauce.  These tacos didn’t come with 2 tortillas each – but they didn’t really need it.  These tacos held together just fine.

The merguez sausage was nicely grilled and spicy, as it should be.  The greens added some texture, and the harissa was a good condiment for the taco.  The harissa wasn’t spicy, but it didn’t need to be because the merguez sausage was.

Today’s Lunch was simple but tasty, and we give it an 8 out of 10.  The merguez sausage was a tiny bit greasy, but try grilling a sausage and not getting any grease.  It ain’t gonna happen.

With Kogi, Krave and Korilla, everyone’s talking about Korean tacos.  Why not a Morocco taco?  Hey, it even rhymes!


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