truck Samir

I was just below Times Square again today, and decided to stop by the Comme Ci, Comme Ca truck for lunch.

The truck moves around to several locations throughout the week, but is by 38th St & Broadway pretty regularly.  To be sure, check their twitter account here before heading over.

I was thinking of trying the chicken stroganoff, but when I got to the truck, it was crossed off the menu.  Chef Samir told me that not enough people ordered it to keep it on the menu.

Today’s Lunch is grilled lemon chicken over basmati rice ($6), but there were a few other side dishes that came with it, as well as two sauces.

lemon chix lunch

The grilled chicken served by Chef Samir is really tasty – large pieces of boneless chicken breast grilled to perfection.  It’s tender and juicy, and has that great grilled flavor.

The chicken is served over basmati rice, and this has to be one of the best basmati rices on the street.  Long grains of rice cooked just right.

You can get several different sauces, and I chose the Casablanca (white sauce) and hot sauce.  Let me tell you, this was definitely hot sauce, no doubt about it.

In addition to chicken and rice, there were two side dishes – stewed onions & tomatoes and chickpeas.  The onions and tomatoes were like a high-end version of the cooked onions served at most of the hot dog carts in the city – but much, much better. The chickpeas were good with the white and hot sauces served over them.

There was even a small salad served on the side, and I don’t mean iceberg lettuce.  It was made with arugula, frisee and other lettuces (lettuci?).

Today’s Lunch was excellent.  There was tons of food, including several side dishes.  Did I mention it only cost $6?  This is a great value!

The Comme Ci Comme Ca truck is definitely one of the better new trucks around, although they aren’t really new anymore.  Chef Samir ran into some troubles his first few months out, but has now settled into a groove, and is serving some of the best street food in the city – and at great prices too!