(credit: NYSF)

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed The Frying Dutchmen stopped tweeting and wasn’t showing up to their regular spots either.

Last week we got in touch with Ben Goldberg, one of the owners, and last night we met Ben for a beer to try and find out what happened.

While Ben could only be so forthcoming about certain details because there are still some issues outstanding, he did tell us that he is no longer involved with The Frying Dutchmen. Ben and his partner had different ideas about the future direction of the company, so we’ll use the musical euphemism “creative differences” for now.

Ben has no idea what his partner’s future plans are.  He was the one with front-line experience in running the truck day-to-day.  His partner has no experience running a food truck.

It’s possible The Frying Dutchmen could reappear with a brand new crew, but the longer it’s off the road, the less likely that outcome looks.

I must say, the truck did have one of my favorite futuristic, Metropolis-type designs.

(credit: NYSF)