New Food Truck Lot Opens In Brooklyn

(credit: Sweet Chili)
(credit: Sweet Chili)

Yesterday morning Sweet Chili tweeted about being at a new food truck lot in Brooklyn. Then Palenque tweeted they were there too.

So where is this new food truck lot exactly, and what’s the deelio?

The new food truck lot is in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at 2nd Ave between 36th & 37th St, in the courtyard.

There will be two trucks once a week, every Wednesday for lunch.

The building is called Industry City and it’s website is

The location is being developed by the same company that created Chelsea Market,  so they understand how great food can create a hub for a vibrant community.

Don’t think we will be able to make it our there for lunch on Wednesdays, so if anyone checks it out, please let us know how the space is (and send a photo).