Mayor’s Fund To Advance NYC Signs Up Food Trucks For Sandy Relief

Big D’s Grub Truck Serving 1st Responders In Broad Channel (credit: Big D)

Food trucks have always had a contentious relationship with the City of New York, but there are signs this may be changing.

It’s technically illegal in NYC to sell merchandise from a metered parking spot, and food was ruled to be merchandise by the courts in the Paty’s Taco case. However, people love food trucks (restaurants don’t), and what has emerged in NYC is the food truck version of whack-a-mole. One pops up, is told to leave, and another pops up somewhere else.

Now, with so many of our fellow New Yorkers in need, the Mayor’s Fund To Advance NYC ( has contracted with 21 food trucks through the NYC Food Truck Association to bring food, water and supplies to those still in need.

The following is a list of food trucks contracted by the Mayor’s Fund To Advance NYC, and where they will be:

· Souvlaki Truck 1904 Surf Ave./MCYU Parking Lot (12pm-4pm)
· Mexico Blvd. Brighton Beach Ave. & Coney Island Ave.  (12pm-4pm)
· Mike ‘n Willie’s– West 25th & Surf Ave. (12pm-4pm)
· Big D’s Grub- Red Hook Coffey Park, 85 Richards (12pm-4pm)
· Coolhaus- 52 Seba Ave. (10pm-4pm)

Staten Island
· Nuchas- 300 Western Ave. (12pm-4pm)
· Now Eat This– Father Capodano Blvd. & Hunter Ave. (12pm-4pm)
· Morris Grilled Cheese– Mill Road & New Dorp Lane (12pm-4pm)
· Valducci’s- Mill Road & New Dorp Lane
· Schnitz ‘n Things: 6581 Hylan Blvd. (12pm-4pm)

· Phil’s Steaks– Breezy Point – Fort Tilden Park (closest end to Breezy Point) (12pm-4pm)
· Gorilla Cheese– St. Helen’s at 157-10 83rd St.(12pm-4pm)
· Mexicue– 1414 Central Ave.(12pm-4pm)
· Rickshaw Dumpling Truck- 112-15 Beach Channel Drive (12pm-4pm)
· Seoul Food- Our Lady of Grace at 100-05 159th Ave. (12pm-4pm)
· Taim- 1414 Central Ave. (12pm-4pm)
· Toum– 84th & Rockaway Beach Blvd. (12pm-4pm)
· Chinese Mirch– Red Ferris & Beach 12th (12pm-4pm)
· Cupcake Crew- 40th & Beach Channel Ave. (8am-4pm)
· Eddie’s Pizza– 129-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd. (12pm-4pm)
· Frites ‘n Meats– 44th & Rockaway Beach Blvd. (near Ocean Bay & Beach 41st) (12pm-4pm)

Mayor Bloomberg said “With the drop in temperature, hot meals are more necessary than ever. Working together with food trucks who can provide residents in devastated areas can be a life line for many and we are grateful for this partnership that can help with much needed relief for the most affected New Yorkers.”

With the Mayor finally seeing the light with regard to food trucks bringing hot meals directly to those in need, hopefully the door is ajar for further cooperation between NYC and food trucks in the future.
Thank you Mayor Bloomberg. Here’s to a long, fruitful relationship in the future!