UPDATE – We were contacted by the NYC Food Truck Association, who said they are “aiming to negotiate a solution by spring”.  That would be great!

We went to 40th St & 6th Ave around 1pm today to try a new food truck named Mike ‘N’ Willies.  There were a few people waiting for their orders, but they weren’t taking any new orders because the police had just told them to close up and leave.

Right now is the slow season for street food, so we haven’t heard about a lot of police activity – but it is obviously still going on.  Once the warmer weather comes, we expect police harassment to increase even more.

Mike ‘N’ Willie were lucky they didn’t get a ticket, because that would have wiped out most of the day’s profits.  As it is, they were forced to close during the busiest part of the day – lunchtime.

Good thing they didn’t offer the cops a Lil’ Piggie Slider.  Then they would have probably been arrested.

The only way this will get better is for NYC to change it’s regulations, just like Los Angeles, Cleveland, Buffalo and a number of other cities have done.  This is where the NYC Food Truck Association needs to step up to the plate on behalf of its members.