Next week Bistro Truck is going to be the Jennie-O Turkey Burger Truck – and Yassir will be cooking up at least 500 turkey burgers per day to give away for FREE!

The Bistro Truck and Jennie-O Turkey Store are partnering to inspire people to switch to turkey burgers, which are both lean and delicious.  A different turkey burger will be cooked up and given away at the Bistro Truck each day from Tues thru Sat (7/26-30) at different locations.

Click through to find out where you can get free turkey burgers from Bistro Truck and Jennie-O.  Bistro Truck will not be in their usual locations most days during this promotion.

Jennie-O Brooklyn-Style Turkey burger

Here are the locations for the Jennie-O Turkey Burger/ Bistro Truck promotion, as well as descriptions of the 5 different turkey burgers that will be cooked by Yassir and given out for free.

Tuesday, July 26 – Hudson Street and King Street – The Mulberry Street Turkey Burger – A turkey patty topped with homemade marinara sauce, and finished with premium parmesan cheese.

Wednesday, July 27 – Union Square Farmer’s Market (15th St) – The Flatiron Turkey Burger – Made by thin-slicing portobello and oyster mushrooms, sautéing everything with a blend of herbs and spices, and placing it on top of a cooked turkey patty, which is topped with cheddar cheese and sliced avocado.

Thursday, July 28 – Old Slip Street and Water FIDI –  The Brooklyn-Style Turkey Burger – A turkey burger sprinkled with oregano, cumin and chili powder, cooked, and fried red onions and cheddar cheese are added.

Friday, July 29 – 52nd Street and Park Avenue – The Bronx Turkey Burger – A turkey patty is placed on the grill.  As it cooks, it’s topped with blackened poblano peppers and charred scallions.  Then it’s served with spicy mayo and a creamy cheese sauce.

Saturday, July 30 – Washington Street and Gansevoort Street – The East Village Turkey Burger – A simple turkey burger patty mixed with panko (or “punko” as Yassir calls it) and parsley before cooking, then served with thin slice of cucumber, bean sprouts and brie.  (Don’t ask me why they’re giving away the East Village Turkey Burger in the West Village.)

Who says there are no free lunches?  Not Jennie-O.  This is a healthy and delicious way to get free lunch next week, and to see all the different ways turkey burgers can be prepared.

Jennie-O East Village Turkey Burger