Fast Food and its Harmful Effects

The fast pace of life we have these days, leads us more and more to turn to so-called fast food, leaving on one hand the healthy homemade food and opening the front door to the possible deterioration of our health.

Fast food, known also as “junk food”, includes Big Macs, Double Whoopers, kebabs, Hot Dogs , spring rolls, deluxe potatoes, Mark Fish, Coca-Cola Great, Mc Flurrys, Pizza, Chinese food, BBQ, and many many more… all part of our modern culture and tradition.

Fast food is characterized by its lack of nutritional balance, by the excess fat mainly of animal origin, excess of salt, excess of sugars and excess of chemical additives, and in particular, by the absence or presence of natural products such as fruits and vegetables.

The harmful effects of fast food on our health can be of two forms; Short-term or long-term. The short-term effects may be such as lethargy, malaise, anxiety, etc. ” We consume without realizing chemical additives, GMOs in many countries vegetables (corn, soy …) and many other substances rejected by our body ”. In severe cases, this can lead to diabetes, cardiac diseases, obesity, depression, hypertension, obesity, certain cancers such as prostate, pancreas, etc.

Excessive consumption of fast food is one of the main problems of modern society. Children, adolescents and adults are likely to consume these unhealthy foods that are high risk. Obese children may suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol and insulin resistance from childhood or puberty, and continue with high risks in adulthood. In males, the risk of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes and colon cancer. Women however, are likely to suffer degenerative arthritis, increased blood pressure in pregnancy and hip fractures predisposition.

Obesity is well reflected in children these days, and health organizations have already implemented various programs to prevent this problem, by which is not allowing the selling of junk food in schools, and imposing healthy options. Educational programs are also implemented, teaching kids about the importance of eating healthy foods.

Healthy eating is a long term goal, as the quality of the food we eat is extremely important to our health. Try to choose natural, whole, organically grown food, free of chemicals, and such that can improve your health and act as a preventive medicine.

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