Tariq’s #1 Halal Food Cart Joins The NYSF Family

(credit: A. LaBozzetta)
(credit: JR)

About 2 weeks ago, we received an email from JR telling us about a great new food cart on the NW corner of 19h St & Park Ave South. It looked like any other generic halal cart, but JR insisted it was much better than that, and the guy running it, Tariq, was a super-nice guy who took real pride in his food.

Last week JR wrote a Guest Post for us with a very nice review, and we figured that would be the end of it…but it wasn’t.

We received a bunch of comments from other people who also love Tariq’s cart, such as:

“OMG!!! I’ve been eating at Tariq’’s Cart since it opened. My daily guilty pleasure. He is such a nice man and his food is delicious, all of it. The spices linger after you eat his meals.”

“Out of a lot of halal food, this one is one of the best. He is always nice and never disregards a certain request.”

“I had the chicken biryani which had tons of flavor. Guy in front of me ordered the fish, which looks amazing.”

Since JR wrote the review, Tariq got a sign on the front of the cart with his name, so it should be easier to find. We also gave him a “New York Street Food.com Suggested Vendor” sticker that is proudly displayed above his sign.

We have also added Tariq’s #1 Halal Food to the NYSF Directory and will be adding it to our street food map this weekend.

Thank you all (especially JR) for letting us know how much you like Tariq’s cart. We will definitely be stopping by ourselves.

If you have a special street food vendor that stands out from the crowd, please email perry@newyorkstreetfood.com. It’s a big city, and we can’t cover it all without your help.

(credit: JR)


  1. Tariq is so absolutely awesome! He is the super nicest guy and the food is the best of all the street carts I have had in the area. You have your standard Halal options of chicken, lamb, falafel, etc. However, he also has some Indian food options of Chicken Tikka (AMAZING!), chicken tikka masala, in addition to some of the fish options. Absolutely amazing spot! Very popular as there are always people ordering but he keeps the line moving very quickly. I highly recommend his truck not just for quality of food but also quality of service as not only is he super nice but he accommodated some Spanish customers the other day by speaking excellent Spanish as well which shocked me lol Buen provecho!


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