Sophisticated Sweet Chili Chicken at The Indian Tasty Halal Food

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Feel like Sweet Chili Chicken? One street food trend we’ve noticed lately is that a few halal carts have been serving Indian cuisine instead of the Middle Eastern fare you associate with halal carts. When we see a halal food cart, we assume they will have chicken or “lamb” over rice with white and hot sauce.  Lately, we’ve run into a few halal carts with chicken tikka masala, kati rolls and fish served with Indian spices and sauces.

Walking up 6th Ave recently, we saw a cart on 44th St just east of 6th Ave with a crowd around it. Coming closer, the menu said Indian Tasty Halal Food, and many of the items listed were of  a distinctly Indian variety.

Perusing the menu, we saw a bunch of seafood dishes that looked great, but for our first trip to this vendor, we decided to get something a little safer, sweet chili chicken over rice for $6.

(credit: NYSF)

The server asked if I wanted white and hot sauce, and I said hot sauce only. The Sweet Chili Chicken dish already had a nice looking sauce, and white sauce would have buried it.

Taking my first bite, the chicken had a fairly light sauce. In fact, it was more of a glaze than a sauce. It was sweet, but not cloyingly so.

Foregoing white sauce was the right move, as was getting hot sauce. The sweet chili sauce was not all that hot by itself, but with hot sauce, the heat level was just right.

Along with small pieces of chicken, there were a lot of onions and a few pieces of green bell pepper.

Another difference between Indian and Middle Eastern halal carts, besides the herbs and spices, is the rice. Indian style halal carts serve basmati rice, which has longer, thinner grains. It’s more delicate than the yellow rice served at Middle Eastern halal carts.

(credit: NYSF)

Personally, I’m glad to see more Indian halal carts like Tariq’s #1 Halal Food and Indian Tasty Halal Food. In our opinion, the level of cooking at Indian halal carts is more sophisticated than at Middle Eastern halal carts, with more varied and interesting herbs and spices.

Indian Tasty Halal Food does not have a twitter or website account that we are aware of, but they are on 44th St just east of 6th Ave every weekday. Next time, I’m going to try one of the fish or shrimp dishes, although they have 8 different types of kati rolls that look tempting too.


  1. Just ordered this and it looks completly different. also i had to wait for 20min. will never go there again…

  2. Before you completely write someone off, try them again in a couple of weeks, after their initial rush has died down. Obviously, they had more people than usual from our review.

  3. Yeah, Josh is right. Went there yesterday and just got plain chicken over rice with some sweet chilli sauce out of a bottle. chicken was just seasoned with pepper and no veggies except the salad..

  4. Went there today and waited for only 1 minute. Ordered my chicken salad and got it one minute twenty seconds later. I took one bite and it tasted like I ever ate before in my life. I am going to go there again tomorrow again and get the best food I never tasted.

  5. Went to the cart and ordered chilli chicken over rice. Got my food one minute later. When I opened the box, I steam of good smell came to my nose. It had salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers, chilli, onions, and many more veggies. It was nothing I ever tasted. I look inside and out the cart and it was cleaner than gold. Thanks for the food!!!!!!!!

  6. Went to the cart at 44st and 6ave and ordered chilli chicken over rice. Got my food two minute later. When I opened the box, I steam of goodness came to my mind. It had salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers, chilli, onions, and many more veggies. It was nothing I ever tasted. THANKS FOR THE FOOD TASTY HALAL FOOD!!!!!!!! YOUR FOOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Went there today with my friends. Took one biryani and shared it with my friends. We all went crazy for it that we had to come back and order five more plates. ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE COMING BACK THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I went there with my family. We bought two biryanis, four kati rolls, and one fish rice. I paid $31.00 and got the food. I thought I paid all that money for no reason but I disagree after I took a bite of the food. Everybody who is reading this comment should come and eat at Tasty Halal Food at 44 st and west of 6 ave.

    GOD BLESS YOU TASTY HALAL FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I always go to this food cart. I work at Manhattan and every time for luch I come to this food cart to get a chicken biryani. The chef’s behavior is very nice and they give the food very quickly. Everything is cooked to perfection with many vegetables. You should really come to this food cart to eat. Their address is 6 ave 44 st in Manhattan near the chase bank.

  10. I went to this food cart today and the first thing I noticed was that the cart was super clean. I noticed three sections with drinks in it for water, canned drinks, and bottled drinks. They had such a large menu and everything sounded delicious but I ordered a lamb gyro. The chef cooked the food to my satisfaction. He gave a lot of veggies and he had many different type of sauces but I took white and hot sauce. After getting the food and paying for it, I took a bite and it felt like I went to my dreamland. I am going there to marrow with my family.


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