Our Heros Food Truck Adds A Slider Cart

(credit: NYSF)

Last week we went downtown for lunch and saw a new cart on Hanover Square.  Based on the design, it looked like it was opened by the people behind the Our Heros truck.  We confirmed this with a quick look through our Mobile Munchies twitter feed, where Our Heros referred to their new Slider Cart.

It was around 3pm and rainy, so the cart was closed for the day, but click through for the menu and prices.

Our Heros Sliders has 4 different types of sliders on the menu.  Buffalo chicken, pulled pork and meatballs are $2 each. A crab cake slider is $3.

We will publish a review as soon as we get down there, but downtown is tough for us to get to during the week.  If anyone would like to write a Guest Post review of the Our Heros Slider Cart, please email NewYorkStreetFood@gmail.com.