Using Food Trucks in Event Marketing Campaigns

Food Truck Event Marketing
Use a food truck to promote your Grand Opening.

Some call it “BRANDING THAT MOVES” (because we’re riding our custom-designed Food Trucks through town), and some just call it Food Truck Event Marketing. It doesn’t really matter how you call it – fact is – it’s the latest trend, it’s extremely EFFECTIVE, and we offer it as well under our Food Truck for hire services.

How can you tell? Just browse into any website offering Food Truck catering and Event Marketing, check the “Clients” page and you’ll see all the big shots in the market, from Apple, Google, Adidas, HBO, AIG and up to Spotify and Twitter. They are all trying it out and implementing Event Marketing with Food Trucks. Why? Because it’s cool, young and it works!

Even the famous magazine, The Economist, launched an experiential event marketing campaign this year, involving Economist-branded food trucks in New York, San Francisco and London. They gave out free samples of meat-free burgers, with the goal of educating people about food waste, and of course – to sign up new subscriptions, get some positive exposure, and more…

Event Marketing
From a Food Truck Marketing Event we produced for United Airlines

During our 9 years of operations, NYSF ( has become more than just the No. 1 Street Food blog in New York city. We have partnered with the best Food Trucks and Event Marketing team in town, and try our utmost to deliver the very best events and campaigns for each and every one of our clients.

How do we do that? We provide a one-stop shop for creating the complete Marketing Campaign on wheels, from planning the entire event, creating the menus, designing the food trucks with your brand’s logo, up to inventing unique experiential food sampling games and interactive programs. Our unique food trucks hit the roads and engage, attract attention and strengthen the brand’s connection to the consumer.

Food truck Event Marketing has been delivering powerful results and proven to be effective, time and time again, and for any sort of brand, no matter what you are selling.

​​​So are you ready to take your Brand to the Streets and conquer New York?

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