WiFi Management For Restaurant Owners: Hacks You Can Try When The WiFi Is Slow

WiFi Management For Restaurant Owners
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Free WiFi in restaurants seems pretty standard these days. If you’re a restaurant owner – you surely installed WiFi for your guests. Why is it important? Millennials love Instagramming their meals – which can be free marketing for your food business. Plus, you want to allow business people or students to keep working while enjoying their time at your place. But what happens when the internet is slow or not working at all? You and your staff need to know how to handle these situations.

We all have experienced slow internet, especially if you’re living in a place where your download speed is not that great. It’s the worst feeling when you want to watch a video or play an online game but can’t because of the lousy internet connection.

First thing, you should always get an internet service provider that offers high-speed internet. We recommend you check first for solid and reputable ISPs, like Spectrum internet plans. If you have a good ISP, you will rarely face slow internet speed issues. However, there are a few simple and very useful hacks that you can try when you face issues with your internet speed. 

Internet users are demanding better and faster speeds for their devices. With the growth in technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to download large files without getting frustrated at how long it takes to complete what should be a quick process. I would like to share some tips on how to get faster downloads no matter what ISP you use.

Refresh your modem for better internet speeds

Refreshing your modem can be a challenging task for many. However, it is an important process that needs to be completed for optimal performance.

A quick way to refresh your modem involves connecting the device to its power source and pressing the button located on the back of the device. The front light will begin blinking, indicating that the refresh process has begun. Let it continue until all lights are solid, which indicates you have successfully completed the refresh procedure.

This is a very simple and hassle-free way to speed up your internet connection and make it more reliable.

Modems are like computers except they don’t run on Windows or Mac OS, they run on their own operating systems which can be updated. The version number of your modem determines how fast the internet will be at any given point in time. Modem makers release new versions that fix bugs and optimize performance to provide faster internet speeds.

It is important to keep your modem updated as the latest firmware increases its capabilities and software also needs to stay updated. 

Tell Your Customers To Keep Their laptops updated

Keeping a laptop updated is a must for many reasons. Security is the main reason why you and your customers need to keep your laptops updated at all times. Hackers know that if they find a security flaw in an older version of Windows or Mac, there are millions of computers with no updates on them which they can infect with malware and viruses. If there is a virus or malware in your computer, you will automatically face slow speed lag issues with your internet.

Another important reason to update your laptop is to make sure it has the most recent software available from Microsoft or Apple. This will ensure that you have the most stable system possible when running new programs, playing games, or surfing the web. An updated laptop or computer will be faster than the ones that are not updated on time.

Use a Wi-Fi extender for better internet signals 

With the advancement in technology, most people now rely on a wireless internet connection for their everyday activities. This is especially true for those who live in apartments where there’s no wired connection available. Wireless internet connections are convenient but they do have a major drawback – signal strength.

The issue with a weak Wi-Fi signal is that it can easily be affected by various factors such as physical obstructions, distance from the router, and the use of other devices on the same network. This is definitely a problem for big spaces like restaurants. One way to increase your Wi-Fi range is to place an extender device near your router. Most extenders come with a plug-and-play option and it is very easy to install them. 

You can get every spread of internet signals with the help of a wi-fi extender, and you won’t be facing any speed lag issues. You can ask your ISP about a compatible wi-fi extender and get your hands on one that will be suitable for your internet connection and for the space of your restaurant.

Wrapping Up

Good Wi-Fi is a must-have these days in your restaurant or food business, because most of your customers are dependent on it. If you face issues with your internet connection, your customers’ work or personal life gets disturbed. You don’t want them to stop coming because of the bad internet. In this post, we brought up a few hacks that you can try whenever you are facing hurdles with your internet speeds.

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