Need Cake Boxes? A Complete Guide on Cake Packaging Materials

Cake Packaging materials
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Cakes are always the life of every party especially for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby, and bridal showers. Events like these can never be complete without the presence of a cake. Not just for events, cakes are a good choice when it comes to snacks.

Why are cake boxes important?

If you’re in the business of selling cakes, no matter how good a cake tastes, it’s important for it to be packaged well and to look attractive. Eye-catching and colorful cake packaging boxes like the ones on can play a major role in increasing the desire and interest of your customers.

This has greatly influenced the different types of packaging for cakes in the market. There are so many different options from plain and simple packaging boxes to different personalized cake boxes. These boxes are usually top-quality, strong, eco-friendly, and can influence sales.

People love ordering their cakes and pastries for their luncheons and even official events. It is important to pay attention to the style and elegance in a cake packaging because it leaves a good impression on customers. The packaging does not only help in selling the product but also helps in marketing and promoting the cake to others who may see it.

The packaging when customized always carries the name and logo of the company depending on how the owner wants it to look.

What materials can be used for Cake Packaging?

Cake box wholesale always provides different types of boxes that can be utilized to package products for customers using various creative designs. The question will be what types of materials can be used in designing the cake boxes?

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Some of the materials that can be utilized in producing cake packaging include; metal, corrugated, density, Holland, grey, and density boards. Gift boxes manufactured with such materials aim at protecting the product from damage when they are being transported. 

Virgin Paper Board

The virgin paper board from, for example, is equally one of the most common choices when it comes to cake boxes. The paper is durable and of good quality, though it comes in different grades. 

Recycled Paper 

Recycled papers are the easiest to find type of packaging in the retail market and the most affordable. Though they are popular, they are not quite solid.

The duplex Paper board 

The duplex paper board is also strong and is popularly utilized in making mono cartons, which functions as the basic packaging for the item that has to be put in the box. Though it may not work well for packaging food, it’s important to discuss the specific use with the manufacturer before production.

Manufacturers can laminate the SBS board to match up with food grades that will be good for cake customization. They work well when it comes to design prints.

Imported Kraft Paper 

This paper is brown and shares a similar look to recycled paper, which gives it a classic but natural look. The paper is slightly more costly but more durable. The durability/quality of a paper greatly relies on the GSM and the burst factor of the paper. 

Tip: it is always important to discuss the size and maximum weight with the manufacturer before its production. Always specify all the requirements so the process of customization can be seamless. 

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