Food Trucks, Photos, Puppies & Beer – All In The Same Place

Mike N Willies

We’re a little late to the party, but the Photoville Exhibit is still going strong at Brooklyn Bridge Park. But it does end on Sunday.

The installation has over 30 freight containers that have been re-purposed into galleries showing photographic exhibitions from around the world. There are well-known photographers included, as well as some who are lesser-known, but still excellent.

There are serious exhibits such as underground migrant workers in China and after the earthquake in Haiti. There are also photo exhibits of nature, one celebrating women (below) and many others of all shapes and sizes.

(credit: Ginjaar Lilith)

What makes Photoville a great destination is not only the photo exhibits, panels & workshops, but they also have a beer garden with 5 great food trucks each day, courtesy of the NYC Food Truck Association.

And if you live nearby, bring your dog. They even have a puppy run. That should make for some great photos.

Click here for more information including hours, exhibits and which food trucks will be there each day.

Today and tomorrow are also the debut of the Snap Truck, which we’ve told you about before. Should be good!




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