Make Sex on the Beach and Turn Any Day Into a Summer Day


The 2010-2020 decade has seen a lot of trends and groundbreaking advancements. Many professionals take work on the go with tablets and touchscreen technology. Holographic and virtual reality technology is rapidly changing the face of the entertainment industry. Internet fundraising is opening up entrepreneurial opportunities for people who may have missed out otherwise. Medical, automotive, and even sci-fi advancements are making the world a vastly different place than it was just twenty years ago. Another thing this decade has become known for is the popularity of novelty cocktails and a resurgence of the classics.

The Sunshine Drink of Summer

Dessert cocktails and sugar-rich drinks dominate at trendy restaurants or upscale bars. Sex on the Beach is often one of the sweetest drinks on the menu. What makes it so popular, other than its sugary appeal? For many people, it’s the fact that just about anyone can make it. The recipe calls for an easy mix of vodka and fruit flavors. Another appeal is the versatility of the drink; if you don’t like peach, swap it out for orange or black currant. According to some, Sex on the Beach is America’s favorite cocktail. If you’re a fan of this sunny, sweet drink, check out some tips for making your own.

Imagine Warm Beach Days in the Middle of Winter

Although it’s traditionally a summer cocktail, many fans enjoy the drink all year. Sip it during cold weather to invite a sunny bit of summer into your day. Host a midwinter luau and serve the citrusy drink to grateful guests.

  • Shaken is the preferred method for creating this drink; stirring doesn’t do the job right. (Although some variations do call for stirring.)
  • Strain your cocktail when pouring it into glasses.
  • If you prefer, a few ice cubes may be added.

Before mixing up ingredients, though, make sure you have everything you need at hand.

Gather Your Supplies and Ingredients

  • Begin by choosing glasses. The classic and practical way to serve Sex on the Beach is in wine or hurricane glasses, but pina colada glasses create a fun presentation. Of course, you could also serve it in highball glasses.
  • Next, make sure you have a cocktail shaker and ice cubes. The classic sex on the beach recipe includes vodka, peach schnapps, crème de cassis, orange juice, and cranberry juice.
  • Look for a less-sweetened, balanced recipe or a few variations on the recipe if you want to try something new.
  • Garnishes generally include an orange slice, citrus twist, or maraschino cherry. If you really want to call up summer days, go ahead and add a paper umbrella or similar accessory.

Enjoy That Summer Feel All Year Round

Whether you’ve ever vacationed in Florida or not, this sunny drink is sure to make you think of sunny days. Create your own tropical beach oasis in the middle of the winter or host a late morning brunch with your besties. Sex on the Beach is a fun, fruity cocktail that sets a cheerful mood for relaxing with a significant loved one or with a group of friends.