The Time of Brewing Coffee at Home

Brewing coffee at home
Photo by Devoción

I love coffee.  My day begins with a hot cup of coffee. 

The smell of the beans, the aroma and that first sip wakes up my soul and gives me that moment of me-time. 

Have a cup of coffee are such lovely words. 

Coffee breaks at work offer that few minutes to slow down and take a beat from the day. 

Coffee shops are so American and inviting. 

Years ago I discovered my own Central Perk. Uptown Downtown, DTU. Which probably was Uptown downtown. A place with mismatched furnishing. That typical sofa that was a grandma leftover. 

This was my daily go-to for a great cup of coffee whether I was with friends or alone. 

Coffee gives me great memories. 

Nothing bad happens with a cup of coffee. Many studies suggest it’s actually healthy.

As with life coffee has had to adjust. 

Online ordering and my never-ending search for the best coffee.

For the past 2 years, I have found I have the time to do online research for my coffee love. 

Days of sitting in a coffee café are something of the past. Now to be replaced with coffee ordering and brewing coffee at home. 

My coffee ritual starts with whole coffee beans to be ground perfectly. French press with super hot water is my preference. 

There is a new New York-based Colombian coffee company Devocion, with a roasting facility and three cafes in New York City.

NY-based company as the only true Farm-to-Cup roaster serving the “freshest coffee” available in the US.

Devocion sent me a generous bag of Toro. A lovely mild taste. 

Trio Box set is always a great gift idea for any occasion. 

Especially during our NY winters. 

Delivery is extremely prompt and worth the short days’ wait. 

Suggested brewing should be noted 

Brewing Coffee at Home with the Rare Rosado Trio Box Set ($84)

The Trio Box That Showcases Colombia’s Most Prized Varietal – The trio box set showcases  Colombian coffee in three different processes. 

You get 3-16 oz bags of farm-fresh coffee
– La Florida (Washed) is a coffee has which is described as sweet and fruity. Rosado such as pear, watermelon and brown sugar with a crispness and clarity. This is similar to the Colombian washed process.
– La Florida (Honey) is a honey process,  between a washed and the full body.

You will get deep notes of maple syrup and blackberry and a prominent floral note.
– Villa Betulia is a dense mouthfeel and complexity that includes notes such as red wine, blueberry, cinnamon, and chocolate.

Devoción Coffee Mocha Kit with L.A. Burdick Chocolate ($48)

Devoción mocha gift set. 

A great gift for any time. 

It is specialty coffee mochas at home. 

The Devoción Coffee Mocha Box includes Toro blend and L.A. Burdick’s exquisite specialty drinking chocolate.

Includes a 12 oz. whole bean Toro coffee bag

Toro was my sample bag. A nice medium brew any time of the day. 

12 oz. bag of L.A. Burdick Drinking Chocolate with a whisk for mixing and 3 unique, exclusive recipes to try. 

The idea of farm to cup is lovely and available now.

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