10 Kitchen Tools You’ll Need for Cooking Asian Food

Kitchen Tools for Cooking Asian Food
Photo by Mikel Parera on Unsplash.com

Projections show that by 2023 Asian grocery sales will reach almost $4 trillion.

Asian food is very popular all over the world, but cooking it can be tricky. The first step is making sure you’re prepared with all the right gear.

For a rundown of 10 tools you need for cooking Asian food, keep reading.

1. Wok

Whether you want to stir-fry, pan-fry, boil, steam, or braise food, a wok is perfect. Woks can handle high temperatures, perfect for stir-fry dishes. 

2. Wok Spatula And Ladle

The perfect cooking utensils to go with a wok. These make cooking Asian soups and sauces easy. Wooden handles might be better than metal handles as they won’t conduct as much heat.

3. Wok Lid

A wok lid helps when you are braising meat or can be paired with a steaming rack to steam foods. These also help to keep dust out of your Wok when it is stored away.

4. Bamboo Wok Brush

While you would clean most kitchen tools and utensils with soap, that will remove the oils from a wok, preventing the seasoning process. A bamboo brush with hot water is all you need to clean your wok after each use.

5. Chef’s Knife

Meats are very common in a lot of Asian dishes, and they are often cut into pieces before cooking. Amongst your kitchen cutlery, a decent chef’s knife is one of the most important pieces.

Own The Grill has a guide you can use to help find the best chef knife under 100 dollars.

6. Deep Fry Rack

Deep frying can be difficult but is made much easier with a deep frying rack. It hangs off the edge of your Wok, so you can pick the food out and sit it on the rack, allowing any excess foil to drip back down.

Cooking Asian Food
By 2023 Asian grocery sales will reach almost $4 trillion. Photo by Sharon Chen on Unsplash.com

7. Electric Rice Cooker

Among the essential tools and gadgets you might find in a kitchen, a rice cooker may be the most prominent in homes all across Asia. With settings for different types of rice, you can make sure your dish is always perfectly cooked.

8. Bamboo Steamers

These are traditionally used to steam dim sum but can use a steamer for almost anything, as long as it fits inside. You just need to place it over a wok of boiling water and allow it to do its thing.

9. Bamboo Skimmer

Among the other chef-quality utensils you have in your kitchen a bamboo skimmer, or “spider skimmer” is the perfect addition. The wide basket makes it easy to pick up a lot of food at once.

Various sizes are available, so you can pick one or more, based on your preference.

10. Ramen Pot

Ramen is one of the most popular Asian dishes on the planet. A lightweight ramen pot makes it easy to whip up a meal in minutes. They are generally lightweight and thin, so water will boil fast.

Making Perfect Asian Food

Cooking Asian food is certainly a talent, and it takes practice to perfect a lot of recipes. Having the right tools is the best way to get off to a good start.

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