9 Coffee Add-Ins You’ll Want to Try

things to put in coffee

Who does not like the taste and smell of coffee, particularly in the morning? Coffee has been with us for many years, and it is indeed one of the most popular beverages across the world. The majority of people start drinking coffee from a young age, many because they enjoy the taste, others because they need it as a source of energy to get through their days. In this post, we’ll discuss a few delicious things to put in coffee, our favorite coffee add-ins.

Coffee is far from a boring drink as there are so many ways you can drink it, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You do not have to drink it black, you can enhance it by using different additions that will take your coffee beverage to the next level. Ok, enough with the intro, let’s delve into our favorite coffee add-ins that you’ll probably want to try right now.

The Coffee Add-Ins: 9 Delicious Things to Put in Coffee

1. Butter

The majority of people are not aware of this, and we agree that coffee and butter does not necessarily sound like a tasty combo. However, do give it a try! Adding butter to coffee makes the drink much creamier and it is indeed a good combination to enhance your coffee. Just be aware of how much butter you add on to the coffee, as a little goes a long way. Just add half of a teaspoon and give it a good stir and your coffee is ready to go.

2. Salt

This might sound like one of the strangest things to put in coffee, but wait. Yes, it may be a strange combination, you may think. The majority of people prefer sweet coffee, by adding sugar or the brave ones drink it black. I am sure before salted chocolate or salted caramel was invented, people thought it was a strange combination too, but now it is a flavor loved by many. The same applies to your coffee beverage. Add a sprinkle of salt, and indulge in this new flavor.

3. Ice Cream

This is probably the yummiest coffee add-ins on our list. Did you know that in Italy there is an ice cream that is served with a shot of espresso poured over it? This delicious dessert is known as affogato, which literally means drowned, considering the ice cream is drowned in coffee. You can take this idea and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream into your coffee, to bring the Italian flavors straight to your home. This will taste delicious and also add the perfect level of creaminess to your coffee.

4. Vanilla extract

If you are a coffee lover and connoisseur, you already are aware of the popular vanilla latte, which is consumed by many different people. Vanilla is an incredible ingredient, as it is flavourful but also not so strong that will become overpowering. Rather than using vanilla syrups, full of added sugars and other unhealthy ingredients, try using vanilla extract. Pour some directly into your coffee mug and treat yourself with this delightful drink.

5. Lemon or Lime

As with salt, this might sound like one of the weird things to put in coffee. A citrus flavored coffee may not appear to be something anyone would order. However, increasingly more people are becoming familiar with this flavor and enjoying it! The taste of the lemon, or lime, will add a freshness that only citrus fruit could add. 

coffee add-ins
The taste of the lemon, or lime, will add a freshness that only citrus fruit could add.

You can solely add a bit of juice to your coffee, to start with as you try this for the first time. And once you decide you like it, you can add a little peel to your coffee as this will add a stronger taste of the citrus.

6. Cow’s Milk

Adding milk to coffee is rarely something new that you have not already potentially tried, as many common coffee beverages are made with milk. However, you can also start adding frothed or steamed milk, to spice things up. Evidently, there are differences in both of these methods, and each has its own advantages, therefore learn about both so that you can decide which one you would like to try. These are usually techniques mostly done in professional coffee shops, however, with the right equipment, you can achieve this in the comfort of your own home.

7. Coconut milk

This is probably the healthiest on our list of things to put in coffee. Adding coconut milk is a great add-in for those who do not enjoy black coffee, but are also unable to consume dairy products. This type of milk tastes different than normal milk as you will notice the subtle flavor of the coconut mixed with fresh coffee. This is a phenomenal combination that you should definitely try for yourself.  

8. Honey

If you prefer your coffee to be sweet there are more interesting ways to achieve this, rather than using sugar. You can add a little bit of honey, which will give your coffee the required sweetness, which is healthier than sugar and also has many other benefits to your health. 

9. Melted chocolate

Chocolate and coffee are both amazing flavors separately loved by the majority of individuals across the globe. If you like them on their own, imagine how they will taste together. There are beverages that include chocolate such as the famous mocha, but you can add a dollop of melted chocolate, preferably dark, to your drink. The richness of the chocolate will do wonders to enhance the flavor of your coffee.

Drinking coffee is something you probably do on a daily basis, and if you are getting bored of how you drink this beverage, fear not and try some of the coffee add-ins provided above, to make your favorite drink even more delicious and fun to drink.

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