6 Ways to Enjoy Coffee Aside from Drinking It

ways to enjoy coffee aside from drinking it

It’s safe to say that coffee is one of the most important hot beverages in almost every culture. People of all generations drink it on a daily basis. Some refer to it as the “nectar of Gods,” while others simply can’t live without it. There’s no doubt. Coffee is an integral part of everyone’s daily routine.

The most common way to enjoy coffee is, of course, by drinking it. However, are there other ways to enjoy this beautiful beverage?

You guessed it, and the answer is yes. Today, we are going to see how you can enjoy coffee without drinking it.

6 Ways to Enjoy Coffee Without Drinking It

Make Coffee Cubes

Drinking coffee on a hot summer day is not always so enjoyable. However, there is one creative way to use coffee to refresh yourself. All you have to do is put some leftover brewed coffee in your ice cube trays. Then, put the trays in the freezer and leave them there for a couple of hours. That’s it. Pretty simple, right? This is a perfect summer snack for coffee lovers.

It’s cheap, it’s easy to make, and it’s cold. What’s not to like? If you like unorthodox but tasty coffee products, you should definitely try something from Twisted Goat Coffee shop. Tasting coffee in different ways is a bliss every caffeine lover should experience.

Use Coffee As Insect Repellent

This is undoubtedly an interesting way to use coffee. In most cases, this beverage helps you wake up and start your day. However, during summer or on a camping trip, mosquitos and other insects can be quite annoying. Their only mission is not to let you sleep. Therefore, you have to use some kind of repellent.

If you don’t want to use chemicals, you should know that coffee can serve as a natural insect repellent. It’s very easy to make. All you have to do is save used coffee grounds and let them dry. After you dry them, you have to burn them. This is the only way for coffee to release the insect-repelling smell.

ways to enjoy coffee
Insect repellent?

Don’t worry. The smell is very pleasant. Therefore, if insects won’t let you sleep, use coffee as a repellent. You will sleep like a baby while enjoying the smell of your favorite beverage. It sounds like a perfect camping trip, doesn’t it?

Make An Air Freshener

Commercial air fresheners often have unpleasant and strong smells. Also, they don’t get rid of the odors. They mask them. Then, when the air freshener wears out, you are stuck with horrible odors again. Therefore, if you want a natural air freshener that will remove the odors from your home, you should use coffee. But, how can you make an air freshener from coffee?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Here’s what you have to do. Grind some coffee and put it in a glass. Then, put a tube sock on top of the glass and remove the glass. This way, you will get a natural air freshener that you can put anywhere in your home. It’s easy, convenient, and very cheap. It’s a great conversation starter as well. Your guests and family members will definitely want to know how your home smells so good.

Use Coffee As Paint

Coffee is mostly known for its rich flavor and wonderful smell. However, this beautiful beverage has other purposes as well. For example, it can be used as paint. Therefore, if you are a painter, make sure to include coffee in your painting routine. Coffee can give you a variety of beautiful shades for your watercolor paintings. Also, it can be used as a wood stain to mask the scratches.

If you like the shade of coffee, you can use it to decorate your wooden furniture. Coffee and wood are a great combination; trust us.

Coffee Can Be A Tasty Meat Marinade

As you know, coffee tastes wonderful when you drink it. This taste can be used to enhance other tastes as well. This is why you should use coffee as a marinade. It doesn’t matter what kind of meat dish you are preparing, rub coffee in it. You can use coffee grounds or a small amount of brewed coffee for this purpose.

Using coffee as a meat marinade will give your food fun and exciting flavor. If you want to surprise and impress your guests, you should definitely try this.

Use It As Skin Cleanser

Coffee can serve as a wonderful skin cleanser. You can use it to exfoliate your skin, which is a crucial part of every skincare routine. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and this can help you to keep your skin younger. You can make facial and body scrub from coffee. Using this product as a cleanser will help you remove dead and dry skin from your body.

There you have it, folks—six wonderful ways to enjoy coffee without drinking it. Try one of them today, and have fun.

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