Mobile Munchies for Fri, Sept 28th

The Schnitzi Truck
Green Pirate Juice Truck (credit: NYSF)

It’s pretty crappy out, but you know what that means – no lines at your favorite street food vendors.

Congratulations to Cinnamon Snail for recently getting their official certification from the International Kosher Council. Hey, just in time for Yom Kippur.

If you enjoy hearing about desserts, Joe from La Bella Torte will be on the Maggie Mistal Show at 5pm on Martha Stewart Radio. That’s XM channel 110.

As always, check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute, there was a film shoot, or the police started chasing trucks away from their spots.

The Cinnamon Snail ‏Parked on 47th and Park until 3:00. Our special today is: Porcini mushroom tempeh meatball sub with red wine. We are proud to announce that our food truck and catering services are now Certified Kosher by IKC!
FF Grilled Cheese ‏Hey Citigroup building on Greenwich street…we’re taking over your cafeteria today with Banh Mi’s…spread that word! No park today!
Frites’n’Meats ‏Lunch 2day in FIDI @ Hanover sq b/t water & pearl. Burger of the week THE SOUTHWEST FUSION preorder 9172929226
Eddie’s Pizza NY ‏brave the rain and come visit our cart on hudson/king for lunch. call ahead your order 917-439-7522
BIAN DANG ‏We will not be here next Friday, so come thru today on 47th and Park.
RedHookLobsterTruck ‏Whats a little rain? #LOBSTAHFRIDAY Truck on 46/6th,#madisoneats 11-9, Meatpacking 13th and Wash 11-8! LB 12-10
Domo Taco ‏47th btwn 6th and 7th today for lunch. Closer to 6th. Ready at 11:30!!!
Gorilla Cheese NYC ‏#starretlehigh Gorillas rockin the Lunch cheese today. Pepperoni Pizza Melts. #yummy #grilledcheese
WFC Food Trucks ‏BAM- LUNCH. @Mexicue @SchnitznThings @CoolHausNY@MorrisTruck @BigDsGrub at the Lot today! (N End/Vesey, 11a-3pm) TGIF.
Valduccis ‏Happy Friday @NYC! 52nd& park today rain or shine!
Coolhaus NY ‏Don’t let the rain get you down! Find us at USQWest/14-16th 11-8, WFC Vesey/N End 11-3 & @dumboartsfest on Water St 6-9 (weather permitting). Today’s Password? It’s Adrian Smith for $1 off two sammies! #whatasteal
MacTruck ‏If anyone wants to put out cones… Or a human chain on 47th and park to hold a spot for me gets free mac for life!!!!
bobjoTruck ‏On Vanderbilt ave bet 45th and 46th streets.
Sweetery UGGGHHHHH! The rain, UN traffic, not the finest of hours, but don’t fear Sweetery is here, Hudson/King til 11a, then Park & 52nd, w/paddles.
Cupcake Crew ‏TGIF-Truck parked and ready to serve in mid-town west at Bryant Park(w40st & 6ave)Dont let the gloomy skies scare you.Have a Cupcake w/us:). Salted Caramel,Choc-Pumpkin Cream,Red Velvet,Cinnamon Apple Spice,Bklyn Blackout & Black & White Swirl
LukesLobsterNY Omg this rain, you guys! We are, however, in the the 47th b/t Madison and Vandy. Bring yr golf umbrellas and share. Open by 11a.
Phil’s Steaks ‏Phil’s Phriday still in phull effect despite the rain. 51st btw Park and Mad from 1115-2. Get Your Phil!!!
Crisp on Wheels ‏Located on 46th and 6th. Don’t fear the weather.
Wafels & Dinges ‏It’s Friday, It’s Fun, It’s Wafels! Momma truck is at Varick & King St until 4:29pm Kastaar is at 32th & Park until 4:31pm. de Cartz BIERBEEK is at Columbus Circle until MIDNIGHT. PAGADDER is at City Hall Park at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge until 9ish. VEDETTE is at 60th & 5th ave until 8ish GOESTING is at the Lincoln Center 66th & Columbus Ave until 11ish, too. Today’s challenge, which gets you 1 free dinges on your wafel: Order like a radio announcer from the 1940s
Schnitzel & Things ‏We will b thr:)RT @alantwentyseven: Dear @Schnitznthings – please tell me your awesome truck is no longer sick and you are at WFC today.. 🙂
Chinese Mirch ‏No mo’ rain!! Hot momos and thukpa soups at 56th & Broadway, get’em soon -we leave early today 4 #DAF12 ! @randomhouse@VictoriasSecret
Mexico Blvd. ‏Hello #Midtown! We are parked on 48st between 6th & 7th ave! Rain or shine
Toum NYC ‏FiDi was a no go today with all of the street closures so we made our way up to Flatiron on 5th and 21st. Lunch just got interesting!

Uncle Gussy’s ‏Good morning #NYC Not such a nice day but it is FRIDAY