The Pros And Cons Of Having a Meal Kit Service

Pros And Cons Of Having Meal Kit Service
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There won’t be a single day when you turn on the TV or just flip through a newspaper without seeing an ad for meal kit services. It’s everywhere. And since the pandemic hit across the globe, the business skyrocketed. 

You may have probably wondered if it’s really good as it looks or if it’s just a waste of money. Sure you may have heard the big names such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and others, but some service providers con their customers let alone satisfy them. So it’s very important to stay aware of the pros and cons of meal kit services as you will need to choose the right meal kit that will provide you with delicious dishes made of fresh quality ingredients. If you’re seeking the answers, this article is just for you.

Pros Of Using Meal Kit

Can Be Prepared Easily

This is the main advantage of having a meal kit service. The ingredients you require come fully cleaned, labeled, and ready to go. You just have to do some minor tasks to get things going. All you need to do is pull the packages out of your fridge you require to make your recipe, open them and you are all set to go. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Read more about why the US is addicted to meal kit services.

Easier Meal Planning

Struggling to decide what to have for dinner?  Grocery shopping and meal planning is a big headache for some people, they become overwhelmed with choices after they hit the grocery store. You can get anything you want, whenever you want from the grocery store these days.

With everything, it’s obvious that some people who overthink will become confused with choices. Thanks to weekly meal kits which come with limited meal choices. Isn’t it easier to choose three meals out of seven than scratching your head with so many options? Don’t think limited meal offers are a con because it is one of the major deciding factors for many. 

Decreased Level Of Food Wastage

Most people overestimate how much food they waste to make their meals weekly. According to a study, meal kits reduce food waste by 27% as compared to ready-made ingredient meals you buy from the grocery store. These meals are specifically designed to feed a number of people. You are getting the exact amount of ingredients you’ll be needing to make the meals you’ll be serving. Lesser food waste means it’s environmentally and budget-friendly. The meal kits also keep your fridge clean and organized.   

Say Hello To New Cooking Skills

Just think about it, isn’t it boring to cook the same recipe over and over again? Having a meal kit service will take your cooking skills to the next level if you’re new or bad in cooking. All of the meal planning kits contain a recipe card where detailed information of the mentioned recipe is present. Once you discover some new favorites, you’ll be able to cook them or just come close on your own by buying the ingredients yourself. You can combine the ingredients later to improve your long-time favorites, or to prepare a dish you never tried before. 

Better Nutrition

Meal kits are far healthier than what you buy from the drive-thru on the way home. The ingredients are fresh, high quality, and without any additives or preservatives. If you have issues eating green leafs but are concerned about health, switching to nutritionally balanced meal kit recipes might be the best choice for you. 

Cons Of Using Meal Kit

The Pricing Can Be Higher Than You Think

These service providers often market their business on their affordability. While the cost of meal delivery services varies, they come out at around $10 a meal, per person. This is more than what you would pay at the grocery store but less than eating out. Also, you need to keep in mind that many of these services come with significant discounts on the first delivery. You can try several boxes at a discount and decide whether it’s right for you or not before continuing with them long-term. Read this article to learn more.

Your Food Is On A Schedule

It doesn’t matter which service you use, the ingredients you receive will largely be perishable, so you are required to prepare your meals within a few days of delivery. It’s not a major issue, but you’ll have to ensure the deliveries line up with your requirements so your kit doesn’t go to waste.

You Have To Go Grocery Shopping Anyways

You’ll still have to go to the grocery store for the rest of your essentials and additional meals, it doesn’t matter how many times you replace multiple weekly meals with meal kits. To say in other words, meal kits serve as a good substitute to your weekly menu, but they’re not really a good replacement for grocery shopping. 

Constant Planning Needed

Most meal kit services allow you to choose your meals from a larger list. They also offer pause deliveries or skip weeks when nothing looks good. But you need to keep in mind to go through your account on a daily basis or there’ll be a risk of getting a box full of meals you dislike. If you somehow forget and miss the deadline for changing an order, you will still be charged and shipped the default kit for the week.