Pad thai lunch special from Chai

It’s too cold for street food, so Today’s Lunch is shrimp pad thai from Chai Home Kitchen at 930 8th Ave. on the NE corner of 55th St.  They also have a location at 124 N. 6th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The pad thai had plenty of scallions, egg and bean sprouts, and the noodles were not overcooked, which can be a problem at some places.  There were 3 large shrimp, which doesn’t sound like much, but pad thai is a noodle dish, not a shrimp dish, and the shrimp were plump and tasty.  The sauce was nice, too.

The lunch special came with a choice of spring roll or salad.  The salad was fresh, with shredded carrots and beets.  The ginger dressing was in a container on the side, which kept everything crisp.  I like my salad at the end of a meal, and this was a very pleasant finish.

A good lunch and a good value for $6.95.

Shrimp pad thai from Chai