kogi subcompact

At the LA Auto Show last month, Scion unveiled the ultimate tailgate party, a Scion Kogi BBQ xD mobile kitchen.  Kogi, the Korean BBQ truck that started the gourmet food truck craze in Los Angeles, has outfitted this subcompact with everything needed to make it a fully functional taco maker.  Scion hooked up with Kogi to highlight how their cars can be customized for specific uses.

Imagine a customized Scion xD Mobile with an aluminum grill in the pop-out trunk, cooking utensils and sauces in the pop-out taillights, and a sink to clean up in one of the rear-passenger doors, all retractable by remote control. Arm yourself with good meat and good company and you’re ready for a tailgate party, a picnic at a local park, or a family dinner of Korean BBQ tacos on the front lawn.

Below is a video from the show, with the Scion Kogi monster showing up around the one minute mark: