When I went to the Morris Truck last month for a NYSF First Look, the guy in front of me got one of their cold sandwiches that looked really good.  Morris may be known for their grilled cheese sandwiches, but the cold sandwiches seem a little more appropriate for hot summer days like this one.

Today’s Lunch is a feta, cucumber, zucchini and basil sandwich on focaccia ($7).  Just take a look at that focaccia.  Doesn’t it look amazing?

It’s hard to gauge size from the photo, but take my word for it, this was a pretty big sandwich, both in height and width.

The focaccia is what initially got my attention the first time at the truck.  It had a beautiful, golden color, and you can see the fresh rosemary in the bread.  The focaccia was crusty enough on the outside to hold the sandwich together, but soft inside, where the ingredients were stored.  I didn’t ask where they got the bread, but if Morris is reading this, please leave a comment about where you buy the focaccia.  It was excellent.

The sandwich fillings were no slouch either.  The feta cheese was creamy, the kirby cucumbers were fresh and juicy, and the zucchini added some variety to the sandwich by adding a slightly stronger taste than the cucumbers.

The only complaint I had was the fresh basil seemed to be on only half the sandwich.  There was no taste of basil in the first half of the sandwich I ate, but the basil in the second half of the sandwich came through fine.

One thing that surprised me was the tartness of the sandwich.  I’m not sure if they put a little lemon juice on the sandwich or if it was in the feta cheese, but there was definitely some tartness going on by the end of the sandwich.

Today’s Lunch from the Morris Grilled Cheese truck was delicious.  While you should definitely try their grilled cheese, if the weather’s hot, or you’re just in the mood for a cold sandwich, the feta and cucumber sandwich on focaccia is a very good lunch option.  It’s also a great vegetarian lunch option, if that’s you’re thing.

You can the the Morris Truck menu here, follow them on twitter here, facebook is here, and their website is Coming Soon here.