Can You Tokyo Street Food In NYC?

(credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)
grilled fish stuffed with eggs (credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)

We ran across an interesting article about street food in Tokyo on the Tiny Urban Kitchen website.

Never having been there, we did not know that eating or drinking while walking is considered rude in Japan. You would think that would put a damper on street food, but there is plenty available…and it looks delicious!

(credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)
fried fish cakes (credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)

You don’t have to go to Japan to get Japanese street food. It’s available right here in NYC at Okadaman, although they are currently off the road for the winter.

That said, the okonomiyaki in Tokyo looked pretty darn good too.

Check out the entire article here, which has even more great photos.

(credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)
okonomiyaki(credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen)



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