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Like other parts of China, Shanghai is not lacking in street foods, as these are some of the staples of the local populace. With a hectic working life, even the most traditional Chinese families are finding it difficult to cook at home everyday, and the local street stall or corner shop provide that much needed pit stop to fill the stomach on the way to work or coming back after a long day.
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As street food are meant to be cheap and stomach filling fare, they consist mostly of heavy doses of carbohydrates with a little bit of savouries and meats added for flavour. The most popular are buns, and there are endless varieties from steamed, sweet, savoury to deepfried or pan fried. Pan cakes are also very popular here. Like the Western bread which comes in endless varieties from just a few basic ingredients, the Chinese are also quite adept at turning the humble flour and egg into delicious tummy fillers.
Whatever your taste, you should be able to find something here which suits your tummy. The only problem is to have enough room to fit everything in! [CW’s Food & Travel]