Lechonera La Unica - New Haven
Lechonera La Unica – New Haven

Authorities in New Haven are revoking the vending permits of two food trucks after one vendor pulled a knife on another, who promptly responded by pulling out a gun.  Gives the term “food fight” a whole new meaning. [New Haven Independent]

Nobody was injured in the fight, but if they were, we’re sure they would have wanted to be taken to Yale New Haven Hospital, which has a thriving international food cart scene right outside.

Yale New Haven Hospital food vendors
A few of the many Yale New Haven Hospital food vendors

There are more than 30 food vendors outside the Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine.  You can get such varied dishes as Latin arepas, Korean bibimbap and bulgogi, Middle Eastern falafel, Ethiopian injera and spicy lentils, Indian chicken tiki masala and chana masala, Pad Thai, Japanese teppanyaki, soups, sushi (but no raw fish), several versions of burritos, halal-certified meat and loads of vegetarian dishes. [NY Times]

Tijuana Taco Company - New Haven
Tijuana Taco Co – New Haven

We also  told you about a coalition of food vendors in Atlanta trying to get the laws there changed to help create a thriving street food scene.  NYSF even signed their petition.  Looks like they are having some success in raising awareness. [Atlanta Food Carts]

Atlanta Food Truck Extravaganza