When choosing what to drink with your street food, there are some pretty strange soft drinks out there.  In fact, there are so many, this might be a multiple part series.  Let’s get right to it:

Bahamas Goombay Punch actually looks pretty good.  It’s a slightly carbonated, very sweet punch, obviously popular in the Bahamas.  It would probably go pretty well with some food from the Jamaican Dutchy cart.

Goombay Punch

Some people are a little too happy, kind of like the guy on the Goomba Punch can.  If someone is too happy, instead of slapping them, you can always give them a can of Deeppresso, guaranteed to make even the happiest person depressed.


Of course, there are other ways to mellow people out besides making them depressed.  You can try Swiss Cannabis Drink, which manufacturers claim is made from hemp resin, but has no THC.  That kind of defeats the purpose for their target customers, especially considering the can promises you’ll “get the magic power” of hemp seeds.


If you’re looking for something a little more family-friendly, might we suggest Kidsbeer.  We kids you not.   Kidsbeer is so wrong on so many levels it makes our heads spin, yet it’s so popular in Japan that monthly shipments are approaching 100,000 bottles.

Kidsbeer used to be a normal soda called Guarana until 2003, when restaurant owner Yuichi Asaba renamed the bubbly brew “Kidsbeer” and watched sales go through the roof.   You would expect the Japanese government to stop this, but they haven’t, and the success of Kidsbeer has spawned imitators such as Sanagria.

If you want to see some truly horrifying ads with kids and whole families drinking faux-beer, click here and then on the lettering under the TV sets.

We all know kids need to drink something more nutritious than Kidsbeer.  How about Water Salad?  It’s salad-flavored water, basically what you get from a salad spinner.  What even more amusing is that it’s owned by Coca-Cola, and there are 5 different flavors.


Since we’re talking about vegetable-flavored soda, let’s not forget Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, everyone’s favorite celery flavored soda.  This was actually pretty popular in New York in years past, and we used to have it in my house growing up.  My father and grandfather both enjoyed it, and you can still get it at Jewish delis such as Katz’s Deli.  ENJOY!