Need something to soak up all that booze sloshing around your stomach tomorrow?  Chef Laurent Tourondel of BLT fame has joined forces with Tabasco to bring you a Hangover Helper tomorrow.  They teamed up for a one-day, post-St. Patty’s day food truck (what else?)  The food truck will be serving portions of sirloin sliders, corned beef hash and egg sandwiches prepared by Laurent Tourondel, for tomorrow only.  Not only that, but it’s free!

The free food truck will be on the south side of 48th Street between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas from 7-8 am, and in the financial district at Broadway and Bowling Green, at the “Charging Bull” sculpture, from noon to 2pm. [NY Times]

I work in midtown, but there’s no way I’m getting there by 8am.

Popeater also has an interview with Chef Laurent where they talk about hangovers and cures.  His preferred Hangover Helper is a spicy Bloody Mary. “The flavor combination of the saltiness, the spice of the horseradish and the kick of the vodka that can help start the next day makes a Bloody Mary the perfect hangover alternative. It’s a great morning drink that perks you up for the day ahead.”

Read more of the interview at [Popeater]




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