Latin Burgers and Tacos
Latin Burgers and Tacos

Two very interesting street food news items in Miami.

Chef Jeremiah, a Miami native, is opening gastroPod in his hometown.  gastroPod is a vintage 1962 Airstream trailer that has been converted into a mobile kitchen with modern technology.  Chef Jeremiah draws heavily on Caribbean and Latin culinary traditions, and has worked at such innovative and top-notch restaurants as El Bulli in Spain, WD-50, Spice Market, Café Grey and Aquavit in NY, Moto in Chicago and Aquaknox in Dallas.  Looks like an exciting street food development will be opening shortly in Miami. [gastroPod]

Also in Miami, Food Network chef and Miami native Ingrid Hoffmann is unveiling her new mobile food concept, The Latin Burger and Taco Truck this Saturday at a charity event with Frank Kelly’s Project Vacant Streets.   Thereafter, the truck will roam South Florida serving lunch, dinner, and after hours eats daily.  As for the menu, Ingrid told the Miami New Times: “We will be experimenting with different styles burgers and tacos from a decadent Latin Burger, which is a chuck, chorizo and sirloin burger, melted Oaxaca  cheese with caramelized jalapenos and onions & a red pepper mayo, to healthy chicken tomatillo taco served in sprouted grain flowerless tortillas.  There will be the Gringo Burger the Sweet fries and all my special sauces. We’ll always have 3 burgers, 3 tacos and weekly special ranging from Mole and Tinga poblana to Curry salmon taco with pineapple salsa and jalpeno aioli or Ancho seared beef with queso blanco and cumin mojo.” Yum! My mouth is watering already. [Miami New Times]