I’ve been to Bistro Truck plenty of times, but never tried their lamb burger.  A couple of months ago, in order to stand out a bit from other food trucks serving burgers, Yassir switched from a beef burger to a lamb burger.

Lamb is generally more expensive than beef, but Today’s Lunch of a lamb burger from Bistro Truck was only $7.

The burger was thick, and it was on a large eggy bun covered with cheddar cheese.  It took a lot to get my mouth around the entire thing, but I managed.

The burger was cooked to medium, with a bit of pink in the middle.  Ground lamb is a red meat, but has a dfferent taste than beef, a little meatier-tasting.  The lamb burger was very tender and juicy.

The cheddar cheese had an edge that went perfectly with ground lamb, which has a stronger taste than beef.  It also melted really well, which is not always the case with cheddar cheese.

As I said, the bun was eggy, but it was also thick and very soft.  There was lettuce, tomato and a small amount of harissa mayo on the burger too.

Today’s Lunch of a lamb burger from Bistro Truck was very good.  It’s not easy standing out from the crowd with a burger these days, but Bistro Truck pulled it off well with their lamb burger.  No wonder they were Vendy Award Finalists in 2010.



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