Spring is here (rain and all), and what better sign is there than the return of Mister Softee trucks on the street.  Sure beats a robin redbreast in my book.

A few weeks ago, we presented an article written by Matt Faccenda, one of Miss Softee‘s new crew, The Rolling Cones, about his experience going from an I.T. department employee to a Mister Softee vendor.  We asked Matt to keep us informed about his new experiences, and he sent us a sequel to the original article.

Here’s Matt’s 2nd article in what we hope will be an occasional series that takes us through the end of summer.  There’s even a poem at the end that Matt wrote about his experience, set to “Twas The Night Before Christmas”.  Without further ado, here’s Part II of the series.

“From I.T. to Ice Cream Man – The Sequel” by Matt Faccenda

Training session at the Mister Softee depot

I am proud, and no longer stressing over my mobile food vendor license because it has arrived!  After jumping through hoops, taking classes, paying fees, and a weekend training exercise, I am legally allowed to prepare and sell food on the streets of New York City.

I’ll be going out with a trainer for several days when I start out.  On my first day (hopefully next week), I’ll be trained by Chrissy (aka: Miss Softee), and then probably a few more days with another veteran Softee vendor.  In any case, this is an exciting time.

The last time I was at 42 Broadway was to make the final application for my badge.  I absorbed the experience, and wrote a poem about it on the train during my trip back to Queens.

See you all in midtown very soon, and on 5BSC.COM!!

(Read it like The Night Before Christmas)

Four-Thirty Am, and all through my house.
Everyone’s sleeping, the cat, and my spouse.
Time to get ready, and head for the train.
Be there by 8, even with rain.

I got there on time, eight o’clock on the nose.
No money order cuz the newsstand is closed.
The man doesn’t open until eight-fifteen.
The longest few minutes I’ve ever seen.

Finally done, the order in hand.
Up to floor five, on line I will stand.
I hope that I have all the stuff that they need,
Or this trip to Manhattan might suck wind indeed.

Oh No! A snafu! Frustration galore!
Notary please! The bottom-most floor.
When I returned, the line was quite short.
All things were easy for the clerk to sort.

there waiting to hear of my number.
Difficult not to be taken by slumber.
A very loud noise, a voice so alive!
My papers to be processed at window five!

They took all the money, and paperwork fine.
They processed it all, and took their sweet time.
When they were done, it was like an elixir.
I stood very still to give them a picture.

On the way home, all said, and done.
It wasn’t so bad, but really quite fun.


Good luck Matt, from everyone at New York Street Food.

“Fried” ice cream from Miss Softee