Yue Kee
Yue Kee

38th Street between Walnut and Locust

There are a bunch of food trucks in Philadelphia around Penn that serve Chinese food.  The  best advice for selecting which one to try, , as dispensed by Philly Bites: “As a general rule, go for the food truck with the longest line.”

As for the trucks he favors, they are Yue Kee and King’s Wok.  At Yue Kee, he especially likes the Crispy Spare Rib Tips, which were sweet, spicy and crispy.  He also hears good things about the scallion chicken.  At King’s Wok, he suggests ordering in Chinese and even tells you how to order Hot Spicy Bean Curd in Chinese so it’s actually spicy (Mao Pao Tofu).   He also loves the vegetable/chicken/beef/shrimp chow fun. [Philly Bites]

King’s Wok

NE corner of 33rd and Spruce Streets
M-Sa 11:30am-7pm