“From wontons to pierogis, the dumpling is a beloved eat in many cuisines. Wai Hon Chu, the chef behind the cred-securing title The Dumpling: A Season Guide, huddles with authors Jayne Cohen and Tom Birchard (of Veselka fame) on Thursday, May 27th to extol the greatness of a cooked ball of dough. Chu knows his stuff, with a background that includes stints at March and the Russian Tea Room, and select dumplings are on hand to give the talk some delicious context. ” – Jason Jude Chan

Wai Hon Chu

This event is free, and is being held on Thursday at 6:30pm at the Tenement Museum at 108 Orchard Street.  Expect to find the Rickshaw Dumpling Cart parked outside, as Wai Hon Chu is a co-founder of the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar.  [Flavorpill]
If you haven’t been to the Tenement Museum, it’s a very interesting place, especially for people whose ancestors came through Ellis Island and lived in tenements on the Lower East Side (like mine).