Krave truck

The smell that hits you as soon as you go up the stairs of the Grove Street PATH station in Jersey City: The Krave Truck.  (Thankfully, it’s not the usual smell one associates with NJ.)  One of the owners, Nhon Ma, combines  Korean and Mexican food, such as galbi (Korean-style short ribs), spicy pork and sesame chicken served in tacos ($2.50) or on a platter with rice and kimchi ($6).  Nhom grew up in L.A., where there are a lot of taco trucks and also good Korean food.  For authenticity, he uses the family recipes of his two partners, Taejin In and Charles Heo.  But as Mr. Ma says, “Korean barbecue is all about the grilling,” which is why people are greeted with such a wonderful aroma when they exit the Grove Street PATH station in Jersey City. [NY Times]