Did Andrew Zimmern, host of the Bizarre Foods show on the Food Network, finally find something too bizarre for even him to eat?  Check out the first few paragraphs of an article he wrote for The Huffington Post:

“Ten thousand miles away from my home I find myself confronted with an inner monologue I thought I would never find rolling around in my head. Would I eat human flesh? What a question.

I am sitting with my wife in a small home in a remote village on the southern end of the island country of Madagascar. We have been spending the weekend with a family that is celebrating the ritual circumcision of a 5 year old boy. Don’t ask…that’s just when they do it.

What’s really irksome is the idea that traditionally the paternal grandfather eats the foreskin after its been snipped and while that concept is strange enough, sitting in a room 5 feet away from him I realize that he doesn’t have to eat it himself, he can give it away to anyone else in the room as long as they hold an honored position at the event. So while the boys dad is out in the street unable to watch at all, I on the other hand am right in front of grandpa with a sign on my head that says HONORED GUEST in big red neon.”

Now that is truly bizarre!  Check out the short video below about his trip, and check out the rest of Andrew’s article here to see whether he ate it or not.