Ready For Some Cheeeese? Castello Cheese Truck Is Here!

We looove cheese, and we can’t wait to try the FREE samples that will be distributed by the Castello Cheese Truck in NYC starting today.

If you haven’t heard of Castello Cheese Truck, the three cheeses being given away to New Yorkers are each crafted with milk from cows raised on small mountain farms in the Alps. Each farm is at least 2,625 feet above sea level, and has fewer than 20 cows. As you would expect, their cheese is delicious.

Click through for a description of each cheese, and where to find the Castello Cheese Truck.

The Castello Cheese Truck will have three cheeses—Weissbier, Bergkase, and Hirten.

Weissbier: Wiped with Bavarian Weissbier (Wheat Beer from the oldest private brewery in Germany) 3 times per week during its 9 week ripening, this cheese has a soft, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. It has a buttery taste with faint bitterness from the beer and a hint of nutty sweetness.

Bergkase: Swabbed with herbs and spices during its 6 month maturation process, this cheese, with Protected Geographical Origin status, has a firm texture, smooth dry consistency, a slightly smoky aroma, and a spicy taste with hints of hay and mountain meadow.

Hirten: Maturing for 9 months under controlled climate conditions in order to achieve a unique flavor and consistency, this cheese develops a deep orange color and a crumbly, dry texture with numerous fine salt crystals. Hirten has a rich, complex taste – sweet, slightly caramel, with hints of pine.

You can find the Castello Cheese Truck at these locations over the next few weeks. Updates and truck locations will also be posted on Twitter here and Facebook here.

In addition, Sweetery NYC is producing this event, and they will be providing locations on Twitter @SweeteryNYC and Facebook: Sweetery.

Lastly, the Castello Cheese Truck are inviting New Yorkers to vote for their favorite by phone. For each vote, the company will make a donation to support Food Bank For New York City up to $10,000.

(credit: Castello USA Facebook)


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