We tasted a Meatless Dinner at Sweet Chick’n on Ludlow

Sweet Chickn on Ludlow

By Faith Rein

Gardein Pop up “All you can Meat – a dinner of meatless favorites” at Sweet Chick’n on Ludlow was a surprisingly hearty evening of meatless treats and delightful cocktails.

Camila Alves McConaughey, scheduled co-host was unable to attend due to illness.

It was fine by me…these events are all about the food. I’m sure Camila is lovely and a champion of “healthy living”. The food was the star.

Welcomed by the staff and coordinators with trays of fishless taco with mango salsa and avocado cilantro crema. Now parlay that with the sweet chick’n: vodka, triple-sec, watermelon, lemon with what I was told was a Aleppo pepper on the rim.

Aleppo Pepper is great on grilled meats like chicken breast, steak, or chops. It’s also delicious in chili, meat loaf, and sauces, or anywhere paprika is called for but a bit of a stronger flavor is desired.

This is the first for me to have this on a glass rim. Where has it been all my life?

This might be my new favorite drink.

They also offered The Garden Goddess: Gin, cucumber juice, pimmes, fennel syrup, lime. Refreshing option and paired nicely with the menu.

The next passed plate was fishless mini crab cakes. I love a good crab cake. After my third I can say this was pretty pretty good. I am one of those that actually enjoy imitation crab. Kani salad?? Yes please. California sushi roll…hello. Gardein’s crabless cake was crispy. Golden fishless filet in a light crispy breading. Of course an old bay mustard remoulade doesn’t hurt this lovely bite.

Sweet Chickn new york

The star of the passed portion of the evening was The Garden Ultimate burger sliders. These will be available to the public in January.

This was a burger, as a meat lover I never missed the beef.

Sit down buffet making this a real dinner experience as a casual fun party.

Chicken and waffles with Chick’n (not chicken) was everything. Waffles crispy on the outside and soft deliciousness on the inside. Drizzle maple syrup tops it with perfection. Lovely meatless chick’n Tenders tucked underneath these pillows of waffles.

Bisuits and Gardein Saus’age Gray, plate lickin good.

Chili Empanadas – a nice flavor burst.

I stepped into the best of southern cooking on the lower east side of NYC.

Sweet Chickn nyc

Finish this meal with sweet bites.

Banana pudding, cheesecake and Tiramisu. The tiramisu was my favorite.

I ended this amazing evening with yes, another Sweet Chick’n cocktail. I told you that allepo pepper rim was my new go to drink. I can’t get enough of this.

The pairings all night was well balanced and exciting.

Beautiful people, bloggers and foodies in a charming setting in the city I love.

The Gardein representatives were so gracious and sincerely passionante about this healthy and delicious food option.

David Portalatin, VP & Industry Advisor – Food of NPD was in attendance as well to share more on the plant-based category growth, future trends and what this all means for Gardein.

These products came with recipes since it is all meant for us home cooks.

Sweet Chickn

Plant based bites from Gradein is available at your favorite grocery.

Rebekah Strand, in-house Chef at Gardein, shared these recipes, tips and more. 

Thank you Sweet Chick’n for your hospitaity, Thank you Rebekah for your creative tender care in these amazing bites. Learn more about Plant based products at www.gardein.com

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