Tacos & Consomme: Casa Birria Food Truck Is Now Hitting NYC Streets

casa Birria nyc
Photo by Emma Rudy
By Emma Rudy


Birria tacos may be the new taco trend, and I am all for it. Casa Birria is serving tacos, mulitas, quesadillas, and consomme out of their red and white truck located on 86th and 3rd avenue. Birria is a Mexican dish from Jalisco which is a meat stew traditionally made with goat. It is absolutely delicious and juicy. To be more descriptive for the goat newbies the taste is gamey, sweet, and tender. 

The Secret Behind Birria Tacos 

The “consomme” which is why we are really here is what brings these tacos alive. Besides the meat itself that drips juice onto your new white jeans, you have another messy component. Consomme is a tangy broth that is filled with raw onion, cilantro, lime, salsa Roja and chunks of goat.

It is basically a cup of fat from the juices of the goat with a few added touches. Now here is the catch if you are still behind on this Birria kick. When you order your taco or any other of the tempting options, you dip it into this broth, and bam. It is tacos on steroids. 

Birria nyc
The Tacos. Photo by Emma Rudy

Savor the Consomme

Don’t be too concerned when your meat falls into the broth as you are dipping. Savor the broth for dessert and sip the rest of the leftover juices. Some people just order the consomme itself and ditch the tacos.

The insane amounts of tea the British are drinking is the same amount of consomme I am consuming. As a few tacos can definitely hit the spot, sometimes you have to give your taste buds a little extra greasy lovin’ and enjoy a Jalisco classic.

The Consomme. Photo by Emma Rudy

Take it with you for a central park picnic 

Taco trucks have to be one of my favorite parts of the city. The convenience, the price, carrying a paper bag, and having the luxury of searching for the right spot to relax and eat. Casa Birria happens to be a quick walk to Central Park. Order your tacos and enjoy a picnic at the park. 

It is messy, delicious, and worth a trip.

As humid as these days can be, this can make for a delicious picnic with friends. Casa Birria offers a great assortment of food that can accommodate any meat lover. Unfortunately, this only applies to carnivores as they do not include vegetarian-friendly substitutes. They offer refreshments such as coke, water, canned soda, and Jarritos. The prices you can not beat, and sometimes you have to treat your palate to a little extra oomph. 

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