Mobile Munchies for Tues, March 19th

Mike N Willies
(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

It’s a crappy, slushy day, but your favorite street vendors are still out there working. Show them some support during these last few days of winter.

As always, make sure to check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute, or the weather made any vendors change their plans.

eggstravaganza Days like this, are good for something warm in our Tummy!Mexican wrap, our signature grilled cheese, tasty tacos,will hit the spot, join us!
Milk Truck ‏At 40th & 5th ave. preorder and stay dry! 6465046455 or .
The Munchie Mobile ‏56th and Broadway for lunch today 🙂
Mexicue ‏Starret-Lehigh…why is the weather always so bad on this side of town? Much like camping…food always tastes better in adverse condition.
TrustyBurgers&Bites ‏Open for lunch on 62nd and Broadway.. Shout out to CHASE Bank!
Toum NYC ‏Filming with @LawandOrderSVU_ was fun! Our actors… err chefs are ready to serve lunch on 46th btwn 5th & 6th 🙂 Pre-order at 917-TOUM-350.
Uncle Gussy’s Todays special kokinisto, braised beef fork tender in a delicious, red sauce, Served over rice & Greek salad.
Chinese Mirch ‏#Terrific Tuesday lunch at 47th & Park , momo rice bowls at our #FoodTruck , 11-3pm.
BIAN DANG ‏#wfc for #taiwanese #hotlunch today! north end and vesey!
Mike n Willie’s #Dumbo Front btwn Main & Washington for lunch @DUMBOFoodTrucks @DumboNYC @DUMBOBID #comegetsome
Seoul Food NYC Midtown lunch today E 47 th St between Park /Madison ave Password is WINTER TUESDAY for today treat WE DELIVER…. 
Frites’n’Meats ‏Hello midtown, we r back on 50th st b/t 6th & 7th av burger of the week THE ITALIAN JOB preorder 9172929226
Kimchi Taco ‏Next best thing to #springbreak is lunching in #DUMBO. Taco time going down at Front & Main St. 11:30 – 2:30
BigDs Grub ‏No rain, sleet or snow shall come between YOU and what you crave for lunch. With that said, see you in #MidtownEast 53rd and Park Ave today. 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Preorder lunch call 646-543-BIGD
The Pocketful ‏49th, between 6th & 7th. Free delivery at  DON’T LET THE RAIN STOP YOU FROM EATING HEALTHY!
Steaks N Crepes ‏46st and 6 ave today, come get your combo #cheesesteak w/fries and drink for only $10.00.
Korilla BBQ ‏Headed to Midtown (47th & Park) and SoHo (Varick & Vandam)!
Sweetery ‏As our trk traveled to Hudson/King St our team saw that confused prognosticating GroundHog standing on the unemployment line #WinterGoAway
The Cinnamon Snail ‏Parked on Wall st. & Water until 3:00 Double special today! We have tempeh sage burgers with garlicy white bean… 
Wafels & Dinges ‏Tuerrific Tuesday! Momma truck is at Park & 32nd til 4:33pm, Kastaar is taking a morning at the spa, be back tonight. Bierbeek @ 72nd & Bway til 10pm, Pagadder @ City Hall Park 7a-7p, Goesting @ 65th & Columbus til 8pm. Today’s password for 1 free dinges: Pretend like you’re LeBron James dunking a basketball and you don’t care who knows it!

Korilla BBQ ‏Ready at SoHo (Varick and Vandam) and MIdtown (47th & Park) by 12PM!
Domo Taco ‏WFC, N End and Vesey for lunch…ready at 11:30!!!

Hibachi Heaven ‏HH1 is on columbus&67th today. The word of the day is “magnificent” for ur free upgrade. get ur #yumyum on today. #Flatiron HH3 is on 5th&21st today. The word of the day is “magnificent” for ur free upgrade.

MorrisGrilledCheese ‏29th & Park friends, we missed you! Get over here and get some lunch, and we can catch up on everything! We’re hangin out here till 3!

Comme Ci, Comme Ça ‏is on 36th St @ Broadway today!

Schnitzel & Things ‏Usual location 52nd st btw 6th & 7th aves! We r getting hot for lunch serving 1130-2pm it’s a good day for a warm meal! Preorder available call 347-772-7341 for quick schnitz pickup)

Phil’s Steaks ‏So excited & we just can’t hide it! @DomoTaco @Souvlakitruck @biandangnyc @PhilsSteaks @eddiespizzaNY at @BrookfieldPLNY! (N End/Vesey 11-2)

Taïm Mobile ‏The Black Olive falafel is the “best special yet.” “Robust flavors,” “I’m loving it.” The fans have spoken. Try yours today on 5th/20th