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Lots of activity on the streets today, and I’m running late again, so let’s get right to the great food trucks after the jump.

biandangnyc 53rd btwn park and Lexington! Ready by 11am!
CrispOnWheels Good news for those on 26th and Park today – Crisp is coming! Great news for @madhukatta – free drink for helping us decide our location!
bigdsgrub 5/19 (Thurs) Lunch is ready! Come and git it! 33rd and Park!!
TaimMobile Bryant Park today!!! On 40th&6th with Harissa falafel today! Finally the rain stopped 🙂
RickshawTruck Screw the rain, we are in full effect! ho: Hudson+Houston (like coming home!), Rock Center: 50+6av (you guys rock!) Hanover Sq (old school!)
Chefsamirtruck Comme Ci, Comme Ça is on 38th St @ Broadway today! Belgian Chocolate Mousse. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea & Mango Iced Tea! Peach-Ginger Iced Tea! French Blue Lavander Iced Tea!
KorillaBBQ Alrigh 55th and lex!! We’ll be opening at 11 today so come beat the lunch rush!!!
schnitznthings Hey guys. Looks like parking on 52nd & 6th is going to be a problem. We’re trying to figure out where to park and we’ll let you know
KimchiTruck Good morning Soho! Lunch – Hudson & Charlton 11:30 – 2:30. Let’s all root for the sun!
BistroTruck We are on 55St bet lex & park Ave. Special of the day: Mix Grill (Merguez, Steak & Chicken Brochette served w. Basmati rice & Mix spring salad). Salad of the day: Nicoise salad. (Tuna, egg, potato,carrots, tomato, chickpeas & olives on bed of mix green) Soup: Chickpea-Mushroom soup. Dessert: Coconut Panacotta w. Raspberry reduction.
thejalapenonyc Hello every body We are on Hudson & Clarkson Spread the voice, have a nice one
PapaPerrone 55th Btwn Park&Mad.It’s sausage Thursday hot or sweet. We have the Porto Bella riceball,baked ziti,chik parm,meatball parm and more. We are serving Italian ices we have coconut,chocolate,cherry,lemon,rainbow and spumoni
UncleGussys Were parked on the spot 51 and park Let’s hope the rain holds off. Enjoy folks, getting back on the grill. Todays is super special. We brought back the pork chops. Also for dessert Your choice of homemade baklava, or blueberry cheesecake
CoolhausNY Stop by 52nd and Lexington today between 12-10pm for Red Velvet & Pistachio Agave Cookies and Guinness Chip & Baked Apple Ice Cream & more!
EddiesPizzaNY 52nd btwn 3rd and lex for lunch today. Try a margarita w/fresh basil, OR 4 kinds of Hero’s OR Lemon Ice King of Corona…
SweeteryNYC Gd morning Hudson St, say hi 2 Caitin & the boys, tell’em u want the best darn cup of coffee in the hood, how about a grt filled brioche too
gcnyc1 Gorilla Cheese NYC Hey Now, hey now…Gorilla is parked on Hudson between Charlton & King… 11 am ..get ur cheese on
Cevaptruck Cevaptruck is serving food on 51st btwn 6th and 7th today!!
waffletruck Thantabulous Thursday! Le Truck is on 46 btwn 5 & 6 til 4:27pm. CARTS! Le Bierbeek is on 40 btwn 7 & 8. Le Vedette is on 60 & 5. Voila! Ask “what’s a dangle?” In you best southern accent for 1 free dinges.
joyridetruck A little rain can’t keep us away! We’re bringing that @stumptowncoffee joy to MidTown East 2day: 52nd&Lex.
ETRAVAGANZA flank asada burritos, tacos, quesadillas all tender;” only one place” 52n park
Frying_Dutchmen Passed inspection. See everyone on the streets tom. Come find us in the Flat Iron for our first day #food truck #foodie #NYC.
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