Mobile Munchies for Fri, June 22nd

Mike N Willies
(credit: NYSF)

Today, 5% of sales from NYC Food Truck Association members will be donated to god’s Love We Deliver, a fantastic cause to support.

Today is also the debut of the new Okadaman truck, with delicious okonomiyaki, takoyaki & more. Check out our Sneak Peek for photos and details of their food, which we got to preview.

As always, check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out.  You don’t want to be out any longer than necessary.

Okadaman ‏We’re going to be Midtown East on 45th St btwn Lex & 3rd Ave from 11-3pm! See you there!

RickshawTruck ‏Today is the day #TrucksDeliverLove! We’re donating 5% of sales to@godslovenyc. Planning to be in Midtown near 50th & 6th!

Comme Ci, Comme Ça ‏is on 36th St @ Broadway today! Moroccan mint iced tea! $3
Kimchi Taco ‏Good Morning! Lunch 47th & Park Ave 11:30-2:30p.
funbunsnyc ‏48th st btwn 6&7 ave !!! It’s buns time !
Chinese Mirch ‏#TrucksDeliverLove today, 5% of our sales will go to GodsLoveWeDeliver. Please come support! @LICfoodtruckLOT today with homemade iced mint green tea and piping momos ready at 11!
The Taco Truck ‏#NYC: We are PUMPED for another hot day on @highlinenyc. Come get your tacos! #eatmoretacos
Calexico ‏Prince & Wooster will be out & blazin! Worth is down for 1 more day.
Schnitzel & Things ‏Lunch time for WFC! Serving schnitz up on 11am-3pm Preorder with us until 1130am call 347-772-7341. Hope to cu out!)
Andy’s Italian Ices ‏It’s #FoodTruckFriday 2day at @LICfoodtruckLOT! 11am-3pm. Come cool off with a refreshing ice. We’re part of #TrucksDeliverLove 2day also!
Mexicue ‏@WFCFoodTrucks today! You would have killed for a day like this 4 months ago…and now look at you. Unbelievable. #okayitstoohot
Bongo Brothers ‏Today we are on Varick St and Charlton St from 11:30 to 2:30!
Our Heros Food Truck Hero truck on water& wall arroz con pollo platter w/ summer slaw ! Slider cart in Hanover sq !
Uncle Gussy’s ‏Allright. Folks lots of specials today For Friday we got the bacon Swiss burger deluxe. White meat whole grain pita deluxe.
Milk Truck ‏support @godslovenyc today at wall & william 5% of sales today going to them.
RedHookLobsterTruck ‏Happy Friday lobster troops! We’re @ 46th & 6th w/donation box 4 #trucksdeliverlove: eat lobstah 4 a cause!
Seoul Food NYC ‏Hot out ..come enjoy the sun w Seoul food today. It’s not raining or snowing!! 51 ST/Park ave… We r here!…
Korilla BBQ ‏Korilla serving Lunch@ FiDi (Front & Gouveneur) DUMBO (Front & Main) Stay tuned for dinner updates!!
Wafels & Dinges ‏Friday! COLD Ice Cream ICED Coffee-many cool things at the waffle truck! Momma truck @ 49th & 3rd til 4:29, Kastaar @ 40th & Park til 4:29. Vedette @ 60th & 5th til 7:59pm, Kotmadam @ the Great Lawn til 7:59pm, Bierbeek @ Columbus Circle til 11:59pm. Goesting @ private event. According to NYC law, what is illegal to carry in your pocket on a Sunday? Hint: we also serve it in a cup..Answer correct for 1 free dinges
LukesLobsterNY Lebron James does not eat free today. Pass it on. 47th and Vanderbilt till 3ish.
BIAN DANG ‏47th btwn park and madison. Come for a zongzi to celebrate duan wu jie tomorrow.
Frites’n’Meats ‏Hello FIDI lunch 2day @ 10 Hanover sq b/t water & pearl st burger of the week THE SPICY JAZZ preorder 9172929226. Peeps we will be closing a little earlier today 11:15-2pm
Pago Good morning folks Another hot one perfect reason to come out for some #Greek frozen yogurt #gelato and all that good stuff. park avenue and 51st #nyc
Taïm Mobile ‏On 27th street at 5th ave today for lunch
Gorilla Cheese NYC ‏Today #TrucksDeliverLove! 5% of proceeds from 37 @nycfoodtruckmembers go to @godslovenyc. Eat well, do good. 26th b/w 11 & 12th….Till 2:30….Swiss Bacon Blue Cheese Melt w/Caramelized Onions & Tomato….Tasty Yummyness
Hibachi Heaven ‏Hey fidi today is love and support for @godslovenyc let’s do it big. Come and join us for lunch its a great cause. Show ur love. We r @ water street and old slip today. Please come join us for lunch. It’s time for heavenly food
Coolhaus NY ‏RT @godslovenyc@CoolhausNY looking super cool… So excited for#trucksdeliverlove today! Today’s #HAUSPWRD = NEW WORLD CENTER ! For $1 off two sammies! 11-3:30 @Wfcfoodtrucks, 11-5 25/Park, 5-9 USQ. 11-7 Cart in Central Park (80th and Central Park West Across from the Museum of Natural History).
The Cinnamon Snail ‏Parked on park ave between 46th & 47th until 3:00. We have star anise coconut milk iced coffee, fresh lemonade, & a Korean inspired burger
Sweetery Today Sweetery will b donating a portion of our proceeds 2@GodsLoveNYC as well as taking donations at our trk, if u visit us pls b generous
Eddie’s Pizza NY ‏the truck is parked downtown on old slip and front street. please go ahead your order 917-439-7522
BigDs Grub ‏Today is the day #TrucksDeliverLove! We’re donating 5% of sales to@godslovenyc. Give a little at @WFCFoodTrucks. Vesey St & North End Ave
 NowEatThisTruck #TGIF! We’re setting up for #lunch today on Lexington & 52nd, stop by and get some lunch, or order for delivery on
Domo Taco ‏Broad and water today! Serving at 11:30!!!
Crisp on Wheels ‏Located on 47th between PARK & VANDERBILT. Sorry 46th and 6th, we really tried.
Molly’s Milk Truck ‏We’re going to be on Sinatra between 1st & 2nd at 11:30a! We hope to see you then! Lunch Items: Healthy Turkey Avocado Wrap on whole grain wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, and optional low sodium cheese! $7.00. Healthier Ham & Cheese with reduced sodium ham and provolone, semi-sweet sliced pickles, our homemade honey dijon on toasted sourdough $6.00